What is the Cheapest Way to Store a Car?

The car is an integral part of America’s car culture. During the economic downturn, car ownership has declined but car sales have not. As a result, there is more demand to store cars than ever before. The cheapest way to store your car depends on your circumstances and needs; it may be cheaper to rent storage than pay for insurance or registration. However, here are some of the best ways to store your car!

Inside Your House/Apartment

If you live in an apartment with no parking available, it may be cheaper storing your car inside rather than paying for high priced parking every month (it will also save you time). There isn’t any upkeep needed like there would be if outside (e.g., car needs to be washed every week, car needs a car cover). However, you will need space. It is best to keep the car in your garage if you have one available. To ensure its security, you may hire a company that provides garage door repair or residential garage door install services. Contact your landlord if unsure about whether or not it is okay. If a car doesn’t fit inside or no garage available, park on the street! Don’t forget your car registration and insurance!

In a Friend’s/Family Member’s House

If you have some spare time on your hands, ask around with family and friends to see who has storage space available for your car. This option may work better for those that live outside of major cities as public transit can be used as an alternative mode of transportation; however, there are plenty of options available for car enthusiasts that live in the city.

Car Storage Facilities

Self-storage car storage facilities are popping up all over the country. If you live in a major city, car storage facilities might be your best storage option (and getting more popular)! One of the best is this exotic car storage Las Vegas facility. These car storage facilities protect your car inside and out. Car enthusiasts looking to store their car at these car storage facilities should inquire about having their car washed or wiper blades replaced; these services may be offered for free or a minimal fee! Visit an auto washing shop near you for more info!

Car Storage on a Boat

If car storage facilities or car shipping aren’t an option, car storage on a car storage may be for you! Ask around to see if there are any car storage vessels close by—the cheapest way to store your car is definitely car storage on a boat. However, there are various fees that owners must pay despite not using the car (e.g., service fee every month), so don’t assume it’s free! Make sure to ask what these costs include and how often they occur (e.g., monthly, yearly). Oftentimes owners will pay once upfront but monthly maintenance fees can sometimes make car storage more expensive than insurance or registration fees in the long run. Be aware of this before storing your car!

Car Storage in a Car Shipping Container

Another car storage option that can oftentimes be cheaper than car storage on a boat is car shipping container car storage. And according to Container Addict, if you are planning to ship your car to another country, car shipping container car storage is the cheapest way to store it in between trips! However, if the car isn’t going anywhere any time soon perhaps you are taking an extended trip or maybe your car broke down and needs repair; you might want to look at other options for storing your car.

In conclusion, there are many ways to store a car at reasonable prices! In fact, it may be cheaper than you think. Whatever car storage option you choose, make sure to do your research before handing over your car! Visit protectionselfstorage.com for more information about car storage rates at their car storage facility today!