Why Choose a Professional Body Collision Repair Shop for Your Vehicle? Top Reasons Explained

You were in a fender bender at the grocery store that led to a few scrapes and a dent in the side of your SUV. What do you do? Take it home and try to pop it out? After all, you invested in that fix-a-dent gadget from the HSN. Or do you call your insurance company and visit a professional body collision repair shop?

You may be tempted to try and DIY your way out of this problem, but it’s a bad idea. No one likes to file an insurance claim, but your vehicle deserves to be fixed properly. Plus, a body shop visit has several advantages.

Flawless Repainting

A professional body shop will repaint your vehicle with matching factory paint, making the scapes unnoticeable. If you try and match the paint, chances are it will be a mistake and leave your car looking damaged.

Proper Bodywork

Knocking out a dent at home rarely works out. You do not have the professional tools or skill to make the dent truly disappear. Also, your vehicle may have damage to the body that you can’t see. The frame could be bent or an axle damaged. A professional will identify and correct the damage.

In some cases, you will need a door or other part replaced. A body shop will get factor parts to restore your car or truck. Remember that you will want to sell or trade in your vehicle at some point. It will be worth more if you have a certified professional do the work.

Insurance Issues

Your insurance company frowns on DIY work and may refuse to reimburse you for it. If you owe money on your vehicle, they will insist that the loan holder sign off on the deal. If your vehicle is paid off, they will still need a professional estimate.

A body shop will coordinate with your insurance company, giving them an estimate for damage repair. In most cases, the insurance company will accept this estimate and approve the payout. They will not take your word for it.

Car Value

Accidents lower your car’s value, but that drop can be minimized if you get a professional repair. Refusing to repair your car or repairing it yourself will lower its Blue Book value.

If you don’t report the accident, you risk paying for the repairs yourself. Most DIY jobs end up in the body shop anyway. And repairing it yourself sometimes leads to greater damage. It’s wiser to contact the professionals in the first place.

Professionals for the Win

Collisions are never convenient. They are often expensive and frustrating. Trying to avoid the official process usually leads to more problems. Your vehicle may end up a mess that is worth far less than it should be.

Using a professional body collision repair shop guarantees that your car will be restored with factory paint, proper parts, and expertise. Ultimately, seeking professional repair will save you money by preserving your vehicle’s value. Shortcuts on collision repair just do not pay off.