Why Home Buyers Are Looking For Finished Basements

unfinished basement
Why Home Buyers Are Looking For Finished Basements

Unfinished basements fall into the category of “When we have the money and time, we’ll fix it.” But homeowners rarely have excess of either, and when it comes time to sell, an unfinished basement is a huge red flag for potential buyers. You need to consider the costs of finishing the basement. This can include flooring or even basement waterproofing. Through basement waterproofing services, you’re improving your basement’s protection against water damage.

How much value does a finished basement add to your home?

The average basement is 1,000 square feet. If that space is unfinished, the buyers cannot view it with any functionality. But if you realize its potential as a home gym, den, or office – you give the buyers about 1,000 reasons to offer a bid over asking price. If you decide to remodel your basement, an egress windows installation or window well replacement must be considered to add natural light to the space.

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What services can Curbio provide?

How much does it cost to finish your basement with Curbio?

Zero down. Really. You don’t pay anything until your home sells, and the typical Curbio return is 213%. Meaning, if you invest $1,000, you pocket $2,130. Not bad for Curbio picking up the tab! As a homeowner, the only thing you do is kick back, relax, and sell your home (with its newly-finished basement) for more than your current listing price. Get inspired and if you’re ready to finish your basement, get a free estimate today.