Why More Businesses Are Outsourcing Services During COVID-19

The disasters of this year have taken a toll on everybody, but businesses in particular have taken a huge hit. Between COVID-19, fires, natural disasters, and other unexpected catastrophes, many businesses have had to reduce hours, close temporarily, or shut down entirely. 

Many companies are struggling to pay their staff because of a sharp decrease in business profit. Thus, turning to outsourcing employees has been an increasingly popular option.

Outsourcing services can be more affordable for business owners than having designated full-time employees. Managed it services from marketing to cyber security are able to be outsourced by some businesses through a managed service provider that can provide outsourced it support services.

IT management is critical in this day and age and needs even more careful attention if you have made the decision to transition to remote work. If you are on the fence about whether you should outsource your IT at this time, here are some of the reasons it is a good option.


While hiring full-time employees can be better for company culture, we are experiencing a time where finances may be stretched thin. Thus, outsourcing employees is often a more favorable option, as it is usually more affordable. 

There are less monthly expenses and recurring costs, and you are able to hire for the individual tasks that you need. You also don’t pay for rent in the building or salaries and benefits for staff. 

Money saved by outsourcing could be the deciding factor that keeps your business afloat, or could keep your company growing.


In a time where remote work is common, outsourcing can be a benefit in expertise. Outsourcing can give you access to a large community of experts, and widens the search pool as these outsourced employees do not need to be local. 

This means that while there may only be a small pool of options in your area, outsourcing your IT could give you options from all over: a managed service provider in North Carolina, an IT company in Las Vegas, etc. This gives you the flexibility to utilize the most knowledgeable experts for your business.

Hiring IT through managed service providers gives your business the ability to hire IT with more experience than an in-house team who only understands general or basic IT.

Fast Response

Many third-party experts offer a quick response to all issues, as there are options to have surveillance 24/7. Utilizing these outsourced employees means that system and technical maintenance are adopted quickly, too. 

Remote working can often make your systems more vulnerable, but hiring designated experts that will quickly resolve any issues or potential threats can keep your company safe.

Many managed service providers suggest outsourcing security programs that work around the clock. This way, you are able to have surveillance to watch and protect your systems all of the time, rather than waiting for someone to wake up in the morning and ensure that there haven’t been attacks overnight.

Each business needs to decide individually which hiring methods will be the most beneficial. However, utilizing outsourcing through a managed service provider can and should be considered a viable option.