Why Networking Is Paramount

One would think that achieving success is accomplished through means which are collective. With this being so true for many, there are many others who believe it to be caused by the many avenues of networking that are available today. Shalom Lamm knows the business very well and highly recommends for students to network in college. However, what should matter the most is the relevance of those connections one would make and one’s career. Doing this will eliminate one’s need for networking with many. To help make it clearer, we’ve provided a few reasons one would need to network and why it is paramount for careers and jobs in general. It is difficult to tell the exact amount that one would know about a person if they don’t listen to them. Having a successful career stems from the many different experiences that have been obtained. These experiences are then shared between parties known as a network. This shared experience can then create a stronger trust and respect that is mutual. Being the one receiving this knowledge allows one to advance in their jobs as well as incorporate the experience into it. Many people, who are out to obtain attention whether it is for personal or business purposes, rely heavily on the networks that are created. It is a fact that others will begin to notice the person’s abilities and this is what makes relevancy to occur. Being able to separate one’s self from others, a relationship can be formed and thus an individual career is created.

When one becomes noticed, many new possibilities begin to open up. This occurs because of the amount of time that it took to get where they are and the amount of business networking that they took part in. Many possibilities like beginning to meet with the right people or others who are in a higher class are able to provide leverage for positive change to occur. An example of this is when a law student that is trying to become a part of a prestigious law firm. Normally, their chances of being brought onboard will be next to nothing if there was no network created. A network can be useless if one does not know how to use it. Many people consider where they are at in their jobs as being the highest that can be reached. But what one fails to do is to review what the current opportunities are within their careers. If one does, then noticing how others obtain their current level will be noticed. Sure, others may have had achievements through education or internships, but the fact remains that a network was developed to get there. Along with internships, it is a great way to network with the right people in the industry. Having an increased amount of creativity is usually caused by outside influences. These influences are then able to help improve one’s own ability over time. Having a small amount of contact is even able to create a huge difference down the road. Having similarities with others and developing a network with others through social media like LinkedIn, allows one to produce a strong career. Developing and growing your reputation takes time and unless being a top performer is the plan, then chances are, that status has not been reached. For one to get an increased reputation, it is necessary to stay in contact with the network through social media such as LinkedIn. The contacts within LinkedIn will prove important and can be accredited to career growth.

Creating a network can be viewed as connections and these are the type that one needs to maintain for an entire career. It won’t be easy, but it is possible. By giving and receiving throughout the connection one can easily present more doors to open. CEO, Shalom Lamm encourages networking in all capacities.