10 Gift Ideas For That Fresh College Student In Your Life

School season has returned and kids are back to school with the intent on learning, meeting new friends, and progressing their life forward.

For college students, it’s an important time in their lives that is exciting and stressful. A gift can go a long way in helping them transition through the process and into their new role as a busy, growing college student.

I had tons of ideas on my own, and I combined them with some gift ideas I got from experts who had recommendations to share.

(1) Professional clothing.

Some new college students will enter their new school with nothing but a few pairs of jeans, hoodies, and ball caps. If you’re looking to buy a gift for a new college student, then consider buying them some new clothing and shoes, like custom hoodies or calfskin crafted Women’s luxury sneakers, that they can wear to look professional and go to things like networking events, job interviews, and more.

Think dress shirts, dress pants, a nice pair of socks, and even, as Jackson Cunningham from JJ Suspenders said, a nice pair of suspenders. This is an item they might not purchase on their own, but can be quite useful in the future for professional (and fun) situations.

(2) De-stressing gadgets.

Life is stressful, and the transition to college can be some of the most stressful experiences in your life, so some de-stressing gadgets can be helpful. There are fidget gadgets, magnetic de-stressing balls, and more that can be quite useful. The Ability Toolbox has a useful guide to all kinds of fidget jewelry for adults and children. The student can sit them on their desk, beside their bed, and use them when they need to de-stress before a big test or when a certain assignment is causing them to mentally unravel.

(3) Gift cards are useful.

They aren’t personal, but they’re helpful. When money is tight and they need a boost, a gift card can always come in handy.

(4) Headphones and speakers are always a hit.

Chris Trembath of Dynamic Gift mentions that headphones and speakers are the big gift-giving hit for teenagers, young adults, and college students these days. Everyone can use a good Bluetooth speaker and it’s nice to connect it to your device and turn on while studying in your dorm room or in the library.

(5) Cookbook for easy meals they can make.

Eating is a big issue for college students because they have limited resources, money, and most of them are new to cooking. So a quality cookbook that provides cheap and easy meals for the student to use and learn from. This is a less sexy and exciting gift to give a college student, but it’s a great idea to consider.

(6) High quality, reusable water bottle.

Reusable water bottle is also very popular right now when considering new gift ideas for young people. During college life, a reusable water bottle can be extremely helpful, can save the student money, and is a good choice for the environment. They are extremely durable these days and can last a student their entire stay at college.

If the new college student decides to celebrate this new adventure with some other college students, and want to have a few drinks, Claudine Raschi of Seltzer Nation re-iterates the usefulness of a reusable bottle. No matter what the drink, these bottles can be a great gift.

(7) Dayplanner and/or notebook.

Here’s an obvious one.

Dayplanners can be so helpful for a new college student and you could play a part in making them be a better, more organized student. A quality dayplanner will stand the test of time and will accompany a good student anywhere. Also, a new high-quality notebook can be quite helpful in college.

(8) Whiteboard for dorm room.

A whiteboard can be so helpful for remote workers, students, and just about anyone. Whiteboard sales have skyrocketed recently and are the best addition to a home office or dorm room so the user can stay organized, on task, and can have positive repercussions on the person using it.

For the college student, a whiteboard is the perfect addition to their dorm room or home office where they will be studying.

(9) Wireless charger for your devices.

Wireless chargers are popular right now and are quite useful for those people on the move and who have multiple devices. With a wireless charger, you can simply set your devices on top so they charge immediately. Some wireless chargers can charge your smartphone, smart watch, tablets, and more. Some wireless chargers are also lamps that you can set on your bedside table or desk.

A solid gift idea for college students.

(10) The latest, hottest new novel.

My last tip is related to reading a good book, which we all enjoy, so consider finding the newest, trendy book on TikTok that the college student might enjoy. It can comfort them, take them away from their studies, and give them a conversation starter when they are mingling with other college students.