10 Reasons to Hire a Sex Crime Attorney

For many, even the accusation of a crime is enough to uproot their lives and create rifts between family and friends that never seal. This magnifies greatly when it comes to allegations of sex crimes.

For those accused, the clock on saving any of their credibility and the foundations of the life they have built up to this point starts ticking. There’s only a small window to prevent ongoing damage and avoid a wrongful conviction. Hiring a sex offense attorney is a must for those seeking to stem the tide.

It’s a heavy burden to be accused of a crime. For sexual assault and other sex crimes, even the act of defending oneself can be seen as criminal behavior.

This is but one reason to rely on an experienced criminal attorney in this difficult time.

The Expertise of a Sex Crime Attorney

The following list explains the reasons a sex crime attorney should be hired to help you in the context of defense.

As for the penalties and problems that can come from an accusation, refer to this list of issues you can face if you don’t hire a sex crime attorney.

That list is the stick, this list is more of a carrot.

1. Even the Odds

The first reason is also the best reason, the prosecution always employs a lawyer in an attempt to secure a conviction.

The prosecution represents the People and has resources at their disposal and direct contact with law enforcement and experts. The deck is stacked in their favor, the least you can do is bring in a criminal defense attorney.

2. False Convictions Happen

The global conversation around sex crimes has not gone well. Some are quick to point at statistics showing that as little as 2-8% of reports are false.

This is further put into context by the well-trod notion that less than 1% of sex crimes result in convictions. These sound like small numbers but the aggregate means you are 2-4x more likely to be falsely convicted of a sex crime than murder.

Nobody would try to fight a murder conviction without an attorney. The number of cases in which the accused neglect to hire a sex crime defense attorney may account for some of that gap.

3. Court Procedure Isn’t Intuitive

You may be comfortable arguing for your opinion or even presenting evidence to support your thoughts. That has little to no bearing on the proceedings in a courtroom.

Breaking those rules can see you penalized, ye, even if you break them by accident.

4. Defusing Experts

Not all experts are equal and the Appeal to Authority fallacy exists for a reason. A person claiming to be an expert in a matter isn’t always.

The world is rife with dentists claiming to be biologists and data scientists claiming things about healthcare policy.

The best sex crimes attorney knows the questions to ask to undermine ‘experts’ and arrive at a fair impression to the jury.

5. Jury Communication

Speaking of the jury, a sex crime attorney knows how to talk to a jury. Gaining favor with a jury is an important part of any criminal attorney’s repertoire.

When it comes to the delicate nature of sex crimes, you need someone that can cut through emotional pleas and keep it grounded in facts without coming across as heartless or robotic.

6. Resolution Seeking

A good criminal attorney has a realistic look at the way things are going. They can help you understand your chances and coach you through the difficult parts.

They can help you understand the differences between levels of charges and negotiate with the prosecution in pre-hearing sessions to get a deal or walk back charges.

for saving reputation and returning to your life, getting the work done before it hits a courtroom makes a big difference.

7. Knowledge of the Law

The word ‘technically’ comes into play a lot in legal disputes. You may think that your actions and behavior are socially correct and say so.

What is socially acceptable behavior and what is legally actionable behavior are two different things.

When searching for a ‘sex crime attorney near me’ you want to find one that can use ‘technically’ for you, and prevent it from being used against you.

8. Fighting Back

It’s not enough in a sex crime case to be found less than guilty by a reasonable doubt. To clear your name, you need to fight for a retraction of charges or a dismissal of charges.

This means hiring an attorney to get ahead of the case and strike down fishing expeditions designed to sow doubt.

They need to highlight your defense and build credibility for you. This means finding what the prosecution will use against you and having a prompt and overwhelming answer for questions about your intent and opportunity.

9. Build a Defense

If a case can’t be headed-off before it hits the courtroom, you need a strong defense. An experienced criminal defense attorney knows how the prosecution thinks and the types of evidence they will present.

They work hard in the pre-trial phase to discover the tactics and attacks that will be tried and defend against them. What’s more, they have you to provide specifics and information that the prosecution will only be guessing at.

Together, you can provide a strong defense against allegations. Alone, you can be easily blindsided by the voracity of the system.

10. The Human Factor

At the end of the day, an attorney is also a person. They understand how difficult facing an allegation can be. They relate to the turmoil you feel and the fear that wells up.

They work with you one-on-one to keep you grounded in the fear spiral.

An attorney doesn’t just defend you in court, they also relate to you as a person and help you feel supported during the trying time that is a trial.

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Hopefully, you will never find yourself needing to hire a sex crime attorney. But if that day comes, keep these reasons in mind.

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