10 Things to Do for Your Family This Weekend

Life is complicated. There’s always something to do, something new to take care of. If you feel like you’re always running from one task to the next, chances are, you’re not taking the best care of your family life. Your family is fed. They’re getting their homework done every night. But it’s been a while since you took time for the important things.

There’s a great deal that often sweeps under the rug when we’re busy. Our health, for one thing. Also, having serious conversations with your kids about what can go wrong, and what to do about it. Each of the following things are important for your family’s well-being. How long has it been since you did one of them?

While life can be crazy, there’s always time for the important stuff. Don’t stress it but make room this weekend for one of the following things. You’ll be glad you did. Without further ado, here are 10 things to do for your family this weekend.

See Your Doctor

We should always be caring for our health. If you haven’t seen your doctor in a while, schedule an appointment this week. Your health doesn’t just affect your future, it affects your family’s future. Learn the warning signs for certain health issues. Learn facts about prostate cancer, the signs of a stroke, and more. Protect your health by seeing your doctor, and don’t procrastinate about scheduling a visit. You can help protect your family by seeing your doctor this weekend.

Plan for Accidents

Car accidents are far too common, and your family should be prepared in case one happens. If any of your kids are of driving age, make sure they know who to call after an accident, and make sure they know to pull over and consult with the other driver in case of a car wreck. Teach your kids about accident and injury trial lawyers, since a personal injury case could win them the financial compensation they need. It’s never too soon to start teaching them adult skills.  

Post Emergency Contact Info

If you don’t already have emergency contact information posted around your house, somewhere the kids can reach, you should take care of that this weekend. Post your phone number, your spouse’s number, the local police, and of course, 911, on the inside of a cupboard door. Make sure all your kids know to call these numbers is something goes wrong. It could save your life one day, or one of theirs.

Plan a Trip

Often, a family vacation is among a child’s most treasured memories. If you haven’t been on vacation in a while, you should plan a trip this weekend for the upcoming months. Even if you don’t go far, look for places to see on Florida’s Gulf Coast, nearby cities you can visit, and more. Make a family vacation a priority, since it could have a lasting impact on your kids. Planning a vacation to greenhouses in fort collins would be a great teaching oportunity. And of course having and watching dinner shows myrtle beach that your family will definitely love and enjoy for the rest of the evening. Sure thing that you will have a memorable weekend family vacation.

Go Green

Your kids might have learned some things, from school, about environmental issues, and ways to go green around the house. Ask them if there are some ways your family can start being kind to the environment. Besides the suggestions your kids offer, investigate methods like SeQuential biodiesel, which leaves a much smaller carbon footprint. Work together as a household to go green!

Plant a Garden

Gardens are a beautiful way for your whole family to get outside and get their hands dirty unless your clever and wear work gloves. You can plant vegetables, or flowers, or even grab some plants from your local nursery and transplant them into your yard. Your kids will enjoy getting outside with you, and your yard will be better off for it. A garden is a great chance to bring everyone together over a project.

Visit Grandparents

You might live in the same city as your parents and see them on a regular basis. You might, however, live far away. If your kids haven’t seen their grandparents in a while, this weekend might be the perfect time to take a short road trip and go for a visit. Your parents will love the chance to see their grandkids, and your kids will enjoy being doted on. In here they can also have talks with their grandparents about their family’s history.  Plus, it’s a fantastic opportunity to remind your kids that family matters. 


Kids who volunteer often grow up to be healthier people. If you can teach your kids at an early age to care for the less fortunate, they’ll have a better outlook on the world and what’s important. You can volunteer this weekend at Family Homeless Shelters, a food bank, or a river clean up. Find a family friendly way to get your kids involved with volunteering. It could create a positive impact their future, and someone else’s, as well.

Schedule Dental Visits

The dentist recommends that you stop in for a cleaning every six months. If some people in your household are due for a cleaning, schedule a dental visit for them. It’s important to take care of your teeth regularly, and your kids especially should see a children’s dental care specialist on a regular basis. Your dentist can catch a cavity you might not notice, and the visit could spare your kiddo some later tooth pain.

Go on a Picnic

Last, find a way to enjoy nature as a family this weekend. You eat lunch every day: why not eat it outside? While it’s a little extra work for you, your family will cherish the experience. You can head to a nearby park and enjoy some sandwiches, juice, and chips while you relax in a warm summer breeze. Just make sure to pack all these in a Gray Luxury Lunch Bag for added protection and style. After lunch, you can take a walk, play a sport, or just chat underneath a tree. A picnic is a fantastic way to spend family time together this weekend.

Whatever ways you find this weekend to invest in family, start checking some items off your list. See your doctor, talk to your kids about car crashes, or go on a trip. Every day is an opportunity to help your family grow.