10 Tips to Having a Secure Home

Many of us are in constant fear of our safety even though we have a roof over our heads and a good sturdy door at the entrance. Predicting crimes is inevitable and as civilians, all we can do is take precautions to avoid the consequences of the ruthless actions of intruders. 

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On that note, let us take a quick look at 10 tips one can follow to have a secure home. 

1. Install cameras

A leading security service Perth company explains that while security cameras are great at monitoring and documenting crime, their major benefit of the presence of a camera is that they are a deterrent. Cameras scare away potential intruders before anything serious happens. Cameras capture solid evidence and come quite handy anytime an illegal activity is brought to notice.

It is important to install a high-quality camera that has features such as night vision, cloud storage, motion detection, two-way walk, and even Wi-Fi capability.

2. Install a security system

Several homes are known to have a home security system installed on their premises. In fact, there are quite a few varieties of home security systems available.

Though the features of each of the systems vary, it is best to install the system that comes with features such as an alarm, sensors, smart home compatibility, and so on. 

3. Secure your Wi-Fi network

While one may be heavily worried about safeguarding their physical assets such as the house and the people living in it, one tends to forget that financial and personal information can also be stolen by hacking. 

Having a vulnerable Wi-Fi network makes it easier for hackers to gain access to sensitive information. 

To avoid this from happening one must secure their wireless router, enable WPA2 encryption, and most importantly, keep a strong Wi-Fi password. One can also install a firewall as well as antivirus and anti-malware protection. Many also hide their network and rename it for safety purposes.

4. Secure your doors 

The majority of the time the burglar’s entire one’s premises through an unlocked door. This is why one must always ensure that their doors are bolted shut at all times, especially at night when the chance of being invaded is higher.

Furthermore, one must also ensure that the hinges are tight and the frame of the door is firm and rigid. The locks used on the doors must be the best ones available in the market.

Installing a deadbolt is another great way of ensuring that you have your doors secure. Adding a strike plate further boosts security. It is also suggested to add a video doorbell and a smart lock to the door so as to have the best level of security. 

5. Secure your windows

Apart from doors, another way the burglar can enter is through the windows. 

To the advantage of the trespassers, windows are quite flimsy when compared to doors, making it easier for them to break into the house. At times, the latches used for the windows are quite weak and can easily be broken.

To avoid a window entry, the security measures one could take include adding window bars, installing glass break sensors, reinforcing the glass with window security film, and most importantly placing an obstacle, such as a bush or a prickly plant at the foot of the window.

6. Clear out your landscape

Having a messy backyard or an unkept front garden gives the invaders a place to hide. Especially when it comes to trees and shrubs, these trespassers tend to hide behind them observing every move of the people residing in the house.

In addition to this, ensure that there are no stools or ladders under the roof of the window. Draw your curtains, especially at night, as many intruders can view what is happening inside the house and plan accordingly. Try to make sure that none of your valuable items can be seen through the window from outside. 

Lock all your gates, sheds, and any other outdoor doors that you may have. Putting up signs that the area is under surveillance reduces the chances of a break-in by a large percentage. Learn more about it on this landscape company’s website.

7. Light up the House

No criminal likes to commit an offense in broad light as the chances of getting caught are higher in such a situation. That is why these individuals attack at night.

For this reason, it is best if the lights at home are left turned on. Also, brightening up the outdoors with light and using the best perimeter security products will make it harder for trespassers to come near the premises.  

Motion-activated lights are one of the latest forms of security that many are installing in their homes. Apart from this measure, one can invest in timed outdoor lights like some bollard lights or even solar-powered lights to save energy. Digitale led strips are quite trendy and helpful as well.

8. Automate the house

With technology being a huge blessing, making use of it to secure one’s house is a smarter option than manual security. 

Some forms of home automation that will definitely help out include a smart video doorbell, smoke alarms, scheduled lights, and much more.

9. Buy a Safe  

Some personal valuables such as important documents, jewelry, and other expensive items of the house cannot exactly be left in the open. For this reason, it is best if it is stashed away in a safe. 

The safe must be of an appropriate size and come with redundant locks. An added advantage would be if the safe is portable. The safe must be kept in an area hard to access such as the attic or the basement.. You should go and navigate here to get info about attic insulation.

10. Secure the garage

After safeguarding the entire house, many people forget to work on the security of their garage. Many times, valuable items, such as a car, can be stolen from there as well.

To ensure that the garage is kept safe, call a Garage Door Repair Rochester Hills company to repair any problems on the garage door or secure the garage by installing smart door. If the garage has any windows, keep them covered so that no one can see what is in the garage.


It is quite hard to be 100% safe in today’s world. But we hope the above-mentioned steps shall be applied by you and always remember, safety first!