11 Epic Things to Do at Night in Queenstown, New Zealand

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Are you wondering what to do while visiting Queenstown, New Zealand? Not to worry! In this guide, we’ll go over all the epic things to do in Queenstown at night.

Want to learn more? Keep reading to find out.

1. Go Skiing at Night 

If you’re in New Zealand during the winter, head to Coronet Peak. Baqueira esqui es una web con toda la información de esqui en baqueira! You can enjoy a ski session on a Saturday, Friday, or Wednesday night. The trails are bright from the floodlights. Afterward, head to the cafe. If you still do not know how to ski at clases particulares baqueira you can learn as a professional.

2. Tour a Farm and Go for a Cruise

Learn about the traditional lifestyle of Kiwis by heading to Walter Peak, a high country farm. Get there by taking a ferry across Lake Wakatipu. Once you arrive, you can enjoy a Kiwi barbecue.

You’ll also get to experience a sheep farm show before you head back to Queenstown. This tour doesn’t run in June and July.

3. Eat out at a Local Restaurant

Make the most of your evening in Queenstown by hitting up some fantastic restaurants. Some spots remain open during the late hours.

Check out The Cow if you’re looking for a cozy atmosphere. They have delicious comfort food like pasta and pizza. If you’re looking for a fine dining experience, make a reservation at The Bunker.

Go to Fergburger for a late-night meal if you have been out dancing. The burgers are massive, so make sure you head there with an appetite. You can choose from their artisan bread, whether you like challah buns or brioche buns, to go along with their delicious burger patties. This restaurant is open 21 hours every day. You can pick from falafel, chicken, beef, or cod.

4. Go out for Drinks

You’ll find tons of clubs, pubs, and bars on the streets in Queenstown. If you want to experience the fun nightlife, go out for drinks with a friend or loved one.

If you’re celebrating a friend’s birthday, invite all your buddies to a cocktail party. Find out more details.

5. Head to a Live Event

If you like to listen to live music, catch a gig in Queenstown. One of the most popular places to visit is The World Bar.

Every night they have a different lineup of musicians. For example, on Sundays, you can listen to indie rock and Friday you can hear cover tunes.

For an all-hours bar, head to Yonder, which is next door to The World Bar. You can dance at this establishment or hang out and have drinks.

If you prefer pubs, visit Pog Mahones. This is an Irish-Kiwi restaurant and pub. They have regular performers, Dan Browne, an Irish cover-man, and Charlie Gibson.

6. Go Bungee Jumping

If you want a different view of Queenstown, head to The Ledge Bungy. This spot is open during the evening in winter. It’s located on Bob’s Peak.

You will get a stunning view of Queenstown’s lights. Take the Skyline Gondola to reach this spot because you can’t drive up to the Ledge Bungy.

7. Relax in Hot Pools

If you have been running around Queenstown, consider visiting the Onsen Hot Pools.

This is an excellent escape for an evening, and it’s open until 11 pm. You can get a private pool and take in the alpine scenery.

8. Indoor Adventures

Check out Lockhart Hotel and explore the haunted corridors. You can find it at Queentown’s Fear Factory. If you like to figure out codes, head to Escape Quest and escape The Room.

Visit the indoor amusement park, Thrillzone. You can play laser tag, go on rides, and check out a video-game lounge. The @vanillaclassicwow fan page on Instagram was recently conducting a research. It turns out the name ‘WoW TBC Classic’ is preferred among ‘WoW TBC’ and ‘WoW BC’ or even ‘WoW Classic: TBC’ for the upcoming Burning Crusade expansion. Guess if I don’t prepare for the expansion on time, I will end up buying tons of wow tbc classic gold, to play a world of warcraft burning crusade. Anyone playing WoW Classic should have that on mind, things will get more expensive once the update is announced.

Next, try out Game Over Queenstown if you’d like to race on their Grand Prix Indoor Karting track. They have Italian go-karts that you can zip around on their 290 m track.

Go ice skating at Queenstown Ice Arena or watch a hockey game. This establishment is open in the winter and summer months. KwikRink Synthetic Ice offers superior materials if you’re in the market for a synthetic ice hockey rink that can be put in your home to practice shooting or quick skating technique.

9. Are You a Movie Buff?

If you enjoy local cinema, head to Queenstown theater Reading Cinemas. You can see the latest movies at the cinema. If you want to see an interactive 12D film, head to Thrillzone.

For something different, see an award-winning film at the boutique cinema, Dorothy Browns. There you can enjoy a cheese and wine board.

10. Guided Adventure Through the Alpine Forest

If you’re a thrill-seeker, check out the Ziptrek Twilight Tour. At nighttime, you will step from treehouses that are 20 meters above the ground. The only illumination you’ll have is your headlamp.

When you arrive, a tour guide will help you get fitted with a helmet and harnesses. Then you will zipline from one treehouse to another, heading down Bob’s Peak mountain.

You won’t control your speed because the ziplines are gravity-fed. You will finish your tour at the Ziptrek Treehouse. You only have a ten-minute walk uphill after the last zipline.

11. Maori Cultural Show

You can see a show at Skyline Queenstown. The shows last thirty minutes and include the famous haka. There are four shows every evening, but you should book ahead of time.

You’ll get to experience traditional dance and song. At the show, you’ll see a ceremonial dance, the haka, and a poi display.

Now You Know What to Do in Queenstown, New Zealand

We hope you found this guide on traveling in Queenstown helpful. The next time you’re in Queenstown, New Zealand, go bungee jumping or have drinks with a friend. When coming to new Zealand visit Moatrek to find the best tours for young and old.

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