2021’s Best Pool Accessories

With more and more homeowners getting an in-ground or above ground pool installation in their backyard, there is more demand than ever for excellent pool accessories like these pool and spa heating equipment.

And if you’re looking for lush, green grass around your perfect swimming pool similar to fibreglass pools installers Geelong, the easiest solution is to opt for artificial grass. Why not surround your pool with the best swimming pool area turf to make it more appealing!  

However whether you’re just starting or you’re a seasoned pro swimmer, awesome swim parkas like these Best Swim Parkas for Swimmers are sure to keep you warm and dry during your next outdoor adventure. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and make a splash!

Here are some of the must-have accessories for your pool in 2021.

A Wireless Floating Speaker 

With many hoping to invite guests back to their homes this year, the need for high-quality party equipment is on the rise. A floating speaker allows the tunes and the party to continue in the pool. However if you’re looking for some high quality sound, you can’t go wrong with KEF LS50 Meta speakers.

Floating and waterproof devices are a brilliant addition to any poolside area. However, be aware that if they are connected to a phone or laptop then you should keep the device well away from the poolside area to avoid any unnecessary water damage. The benefit of the wireless speaker is it allows for exactly that. Water accidentally got inside your iphone? See how to save a water damaged iphone here.

A Towel Warmer

The towel warmer is an absolute must for fans of a luxurious and rejuvenating swim. Keeping your White Cotton Towel at a toasty temperature will allow you to dry off quickly. Find a towel warmer with enough space for a couple of large towels so you don’t have any awkward disputes with your partner about who gets the joy of a heated towel when you swim together.

A reputable swimming pool builder can recommend where power outlets can safely be installed near the pool and what precautions you can make in the pool design. 


The classic kickboard is still used in many swimming classes around the world for one reason – they are highly effective.

A kickboard is a brilliant addition to any pool as you can do a vast array of different exercises with the board. They are especially useful if you are not a confident swimmer or you are teaching young children in your family how to swim. Find ones that are comfortable to grip and provide a good deal of buoyancy. 

Exercise Weights

Exercise weights are a fantastic addition to any water-based workout. Wrist or ankle weights can be attached to your body to provide extra resistance when doing aqua jogging or water yoga.

Foam dumbbells are an ingenious invention as they soak up the water and use the additional weight to become heavy. When not in use, the dumbbell can dry out and will become lightweight again, making them easy to move and store when not in use. 

Inflatable Drinks Holder

An inflatable drinks holder might seem like it would only be useful for a cocktail or a can of beer during a party or sunbathing session, but this isn’t the case. A drinks holder may also be useful during exercise sessions, making sure you have fresh drinking water always accessible to you. 

Waterfall Fountains 

A well-placed fountain can be fun and cool for you and your family. But on top of this, waterfall fountains may also help your water circulation within a pool. Look for fountains with adjustable heights and directions. The last thing you want is a fountain that ends up spraying too far and watering your neighbor’s hedges rather than landing in your pool.

Make sure that your pool is in its best condition to battle the summer heat. Make sure as well to install a pool fence to keep kids and pets out of the pool unsupervised. Use these recommendations to boost your pool game this summer and make your backyard the coolest in the neighborhood!