Should You Wear Socks with Sandals?

There has been some debate over the years if it is okay to wear socks with sandals. People wear sandals to cool their feet off and it seems like socks will defeat this purpose. Also, people will have their socks showing, and if their socks are in less than perfect condition this can be embarrassing. Helen Schifter is not a fan of wearing socks with sandals. She does not like this trend and feels that it looks terrible. Schifter has some reasons why socks and sandals should never be worn together.

There have been several trends over the years that have looked at wearing socks and sandals. There is advice on the right way to do this which frowns on socks and sandals. Socks with sandals are said to restrict the cooling of the feet. People wear sandals when it is hot out to give their feet some air and allow them to cool off the body. Sandals stop this from happening. The feet will not get the full cooling experience and they will be uncomfortable similar to being in a shoe. The foot will not get the same cooling effect especially when the weather is hot.

Sandals with shoes also look funny. There is something about a foot with a sock on that is in a sandal that is not visually appealing. This look is not good on a man, woman, or even a child. socks and sandals do not make for a good fashion statement, I prefer when people just were the sandals without socks, they are many great sandals that should be used plain, the La Tribe Sandal is one of those amazing pair of shoes.

There is something said about hygiene when a person wears socks and sandals. If a person is wearing socks with sandals it can be said a person has not taken care of their foot. It is said that the person did not trim their toenails and they may have foot fungus. They are trying to hide the foot behind the socks. While this may or may not be true if a person has nothing to hide they will allow their foot air to breathe.

Some people view socks and sandals as part of the geek culture. Only people that are said to be geeks wear socks and sandals. While there is nothing wrong with a geek and committing a crime of fashion many people prefer to keep their feet out in the open.

Socks and sandals do not make sense together. People wear socks to keep the toes warm and covered up. They wear sandals to expose the toe and allow them to get fresh air. Wearing socks with sandals does not make sense at all. A person cannot be trying to keep warm and cool down.

Helen Schifter truly believes that socks and sandals are not a smart choice when it comes to fashion. Sandals are designed to allow the feet to get some air on a hot day. People can also show off that they take care of their feet. Wearing socks is covering all of this. The foot will not be able to enjoy the cool breeze and at this time there is no point in wearing sandals.