3 Helpful Study Tips

If you’ve been studying non-stop for the last couple weeks that school has been in session and feel like you can’t concentrate anymore, you’re not alone. Regardless of if you’re in your masters program, undeclared undergrad, or high school trying to balance academics with extra-curriculars and feeling like you’re falling short, it all generally feels the same. You sit down to study with good intentions, but simply can’t make it work for you. If can see yourself in this scenario or once similar, I’m going to share with you 3 tips that I’ve found through my studies that have benefitted me.

1.      Get good sleep the night before. 

Set yourself up on a sleep schedule and make sure you stay consistent. This will help your body know when it’s time to sleep, and when it’s time to perform. If you feel like it’s hard to sleep at night or you’re not getting the sleep you need, try sleeping aids. Melatonin was mine of choice. I’ve never liked drugs but Melatonin helped my body relax at night and therein perform better when it was supposed to.

2.      Kratom. 

If you haven’t heard of Kratom, it’s a herb indigenous to Malaysia and its surrounding countries that has been used for various treatments by natives for generations. It recently began growing in popularity around the world and has become a study help for aspiring students. It acts as a natural supplement that invigorates your mind and helps you focus, much like caffeine, only non-addictive. You can either buy the leaf in bulk and grind it yourself to make your own quantities, but I’ve found that I prefer these Best Kratom Capsules. These are capsules full of pre-ground Kratom that can be easily taken with a glass of water. I think it saves on time and frankly, I’m simply too lazy to do it myself if I know that I can get Kratom in capsules already.

3.      Study with other people. 

I’ve found that most people are either supportive of this idea and have seen the benefits of it in their own studies, or adamantly opposed to the idea. It always helped me stay awake and I felt that I learned the most when I tried to teach the principle to someone else. If you don’t think that this will help you, give it a shot first. And if you don’t see benefits, that’s ok.

I hope this helped! Good luck in your future studies!