3 Reasons To Hire A Professional Tree Removal Service Instead Of DIY

People have tree services for their property for a lot of reasons. Maybe the tree is sick or damaged and can’t be helped. Or maybe the tree needs to be removed because it’s interfering with a structure. Whatever the reason, removing a tree is a big job. And the job gets even bigger depending on the tree’s size.

Tree removal shouldn’t be taken lightly because it’s a big job. If you suspect your tree has a disease or infestation, you should call an arborist first. An arborist is a highly trained professional that can diagnose diseases in trees and offer any kind of tree service you need. You might be pleasantly surprised to find your tree can be saved.

But if you do need to remove a tree, it’s best left to the tree removal service professionals. While home DIY projects have become more popular over the years, tree removal is too big of a job for most homeowners.

The following are 3 reasons you should have a professional cut down your tree.

Trees Can Be Hard To Remove

One of the biggest reasons why tree removal isn’t a good DIY project is because it’s a very difficult job. If you have a large tree in your yard, you not only need to safely cut the tree down but also do stump grinding so the area can be properly landscaped. Properly cutting a tree down is much more complicated than taking an ax to the trunk.

Further, tree removal also creates a lot of waste. Between the tree trunk, branches, and leaves, you’re going to have a huge mess to clean up when you’re finished. Most homeowners simply aren’t equipped to handle this kind of job,

Professionals Have The Right Tree Removal Equipment And Knowledge

Professional tree removal companies have the proper equipment and knowledge to remove any kind of tree that needs to be removed. Professionals will often have man lifts, a variety of chainsaws, proper safety equipment, and so forth.

A tree service expert also knows how to remove a tree safely, especially if the tree is close to power lines, houses, or other structures. Removing a tree is a lot more than just cutting the trunk and watching it fall over. Generally, they’ll remove the larger branches first and work their way down until they cut the main trunk down.


Many people want to remove trees themselves because they think it’d be cheaper than hiring a professional. But this generally isn’t true. After a person rents the equipment they need to not only cut down the tree but also properly dispose of it, doing it yourself will probably cost more money than a professional tree service. And after the tree is removed, all the debris has to be hauled away. This might require a flatbed truck to remove parts of the trunk and a wood chipper to get rid of the branches.

Further, because most people are inexperienced at tree removal, there’s always a chance of property damage, whether their own or their neighbor’s. A professional removal service will be insured against any damage that occurs while they’re working on your property. The same goes for any injuries that occur during the removal.

Don’t Be A DIY Superhero

Tree removal is serious business. Do it wrong and you can damage property or injure yourself or someone else. Finally, you probably won’t save any money and you’ll just end up with a big mess on your property that you’ll be responsible for cleaning up. Leave this job to the professionals.