How to Increase Security at a Church Building

The security of a church is essential for many reasons. Churches are often targets for crime, and it’s hard to know what may happen on the property or inside the building.

If you’re the director of a church, a religious-based private school campus, or a house of worship, here are some safety upgrades from a security company worth considering.

CCTV System

A CCTV, or Closed Circuit Television System, is a system of security cameras that transmits and records video signals so only authorized users can view them. They most often get used in security systems, but people can also utilize them in other applications.

Watching over the security of your church or campus with CCTV cameras will help to deter crime before it occurs on or near the property. Because CCTV broadcasts activity live time, GNO Holdings – video analytics services can identify suspicious activity so you can take proactive steps to prevent injury or harm.

Church officials can use a CCTV system to monitor different areas of your property for break-ins or vandalism, but many people will use them just as an added form of security.

It’s worth noting that CCTV systems are only as effective as how carefully they get monitored. If no one is watching, then there’s nothing to stop the potential threat. That’s why it’s so important to make sure someone is monitoring the security camera system at all times.

Card Access Systems

Card Access Systems help to put controls on who has access to different areas of the church, campus, and outbuildings. Card access systems are adequate to limit employees’ access to areas where confidential information or valuable assets are stored.

For security purposes, church officials should install card-controlled doors at entrance points and restricted area entrances. This way, only authorized personnel can enter these areas without supervision.

For instance, if any church leaders reside on-site, using a card access system helps prevent unauthorized people from entering their private living spaces. Similarly, security cards could be required to access church offices and storage areas.

Establish An In-House Security Team

Consider asking congregants to hire armed security services. Having an engaged team to monitor all areas of the church helps to keep everyone inside safe.

A security team should get trained in responding to various emergencies, including fires, floods, and intruders. In some cases, members of your security team could include being armed with weapons for self-defense or carrying first aid kits. Professionals can train these volunteers on the skills and tools needed to keep the church safe at all times. There’s also the option of hiring a Fire Watch Security Guard who is already fully trained in improving your building’s security as well as dealing with emergency situations.

A Security guard Company Edmonton can also be on the front lines in a variety of ways. They might help to coordinate with local law enforcement during an emergency, or they could keep up-to-date with current events that may affect their community.

An in-house security team is a great way to watch over activities while monitoring the church grounds at all times to ensure safety for everyone. You can also outsource tried and tested security guard services with good reviews from previous and current clients.

Put Together A Plan Of Action

If your church in Kentucky is interested in boosting security protocols, Modern Systems Inc. can help you meet the security objectives at your church.

Having served residential and commercial clients since 1995, one of our passions is helping churches increase their security with state-of-the-art systems. With decades of experience, the team is available to provide a custom-tailored security solution that meets your needs and budget!