4 Actionable Tips For Small Business Growth

Make your homepage better

Make sure your homepage looks as good as possible and does things like improve SEO and make it easy to sign up or buy. Small business grants will help you hire personnel to do this. 

Consider this:

Most people who go to your website are not ready to buy. Most likely, they’ll go to your home page. If it is cluttered or hard to use, they will look elsewhere. They will be turned off if the text on your website is bad or doesn’t show how valuable what you have to offer is. Sometimes a small change can have a big effect on how much money is made.  A company that makes video conferences changed their call to action to get more leads. Through A/B testing and keyword optimization, they added a call to action to its homepage that brought in 50% more leads in the first month alone.

Put analytics first

By 2020, the big data analytics sector will generate more than $200 billion annually. It’s obvious that many businesses, especially internet behemoths like Facebook and Amazon, recognize the importance of using data. Likewise, you ought to.

Magazines report that data, not oil, is now the world’s most valuable resource. The good news is that, unlike oil, data may be useful to any organization. What’s more, you don’t need to spend billions of dollars (though some companies are). You can use free or freemium solutions as a business owner with a website and social media accounts to learn more about your clients. And don’t be fooled by remote work agencies; many of them are less than they seem. 

For example, Google Analytics provides information on bounce rate, page visits, average time spent on site, and how visitors arrive at your website, which can help you determine where to concentrate your marketing efforts. Another analytics tool to think about is Unbounce, especially if you’re trying to figure out how to improve landing pages and boost conversions.

Pay attention to your best qualities

What is the one thing you do that nobody else does? Don’t forget about that. If you can, try to make the coolest things on earth. You may feel like there are a lot of things you should, could, or would like to do in an ideal world (where time doesn’t run out and you don’t need to sleep), but what you NEED to do is keep making your widgets better. To finish the remaining tasks, hire or buy more people, solutions, and knowledge. 

Be smart with your money

Even the most successful businesses have to watch their bottom line. Always leave room in your budget for costs that you forgot or didn’t plan for when you planned your expansion. When you start dealing with other businesses, it is advised to consult with a corporate lawyer to review any contracts or agreements before signing them. Even small problems can mess up your budget. Remember to think about both the big picture and the bottom line. Always overestimate costs so you don’t end up in a tight spot later, and make sure your investments make sense for your goals and your bank account.