4 Sentimental Arrangements to Order as Funeral Flowers

Though there are 2.4 million funerals in the US each year, it’s impossible to prepare for the loss of someone in your circle. After all, being in good company doesn’t make death any less of a difficult thing to bear.

However, there are ways that those around the deceased and their family can express sympathy and kind sentiment after contacting a probate attorney. Funeral flowers delivery is a good first step towards letting those closest to the person who has passed know that they aren’t alone. You may also help them with tasks like choosing custom stonework for their loved one’s gravestone.

Read on to learn about some of the best bouquet options for expressing your sympathy.

1. Classic Options

Classic floral arrangements never go out of style. They’re perfect for people that have lost a loved one recently since they’re specifically made to honor the dead. When considering lasting tributes, exploring options like Headstone Memorials can provide a timeless and meaningful way to commemorate the memory of your loved one.

They’re an especially good choice if you do not know the deceased or their family well. You don’t need to guess at people’s tastes or what is meaningful to them- you can’t go wrong with classic bouquets.

Red roses surrounded by cool green foliage are a great arrangement to go with anyone’s tastes. Because roses are so aesthetically pleasing, they are beloved by people from all walks of life. White roses are also a good choice since white represents the purity of love for the deceased.

Speaking of white, pure lilies are another gorgeous classic funeral flower. They droop low, which gives them a melancholy and nostalgic feel that the receiver will connect with during difficult times. However, their beauty also is a great way to make sure that the receiver stays hopeful and understands that there is still kindness in the world.

2. Shaped Bouquets

There are some beautifully-shaped handcrafted arrangements for funeral flowers delivery. One of the most common shapes is the heart, which expresses your love and kind sentiments toward the family that has lost their loved one.

These hearts come in a variety of types. Some favorites include heart-shaped wreaths made from multiple types of pink flowers. You also can get full-bodied red rose hearts surrounded by a solid background of contrasting green foliage.

If you want to express empathy for those who have been heartbroken by their loved one’s passing, you can also get a broken heart bouquet. This white rose heart has a crack down the middle made from red flowers to symbolize pain and future healing.

If the person who has recently passed (or their family) is religious, giving them flowers in the shape of a cross may be comforting. Whether you want a white cross with a red-rose sash crossing over it or a multi-hued pink one, you can choose the perfect bouquet for delivery.

While these shapes are wonderful, however, they are nowhere the most common. That honor falls to floral wreaths. Pink, red, and white are common colors here- they’re the most popular funeral flower colors on all fronts.

However, since yellow symbolizes friendship, you may also want to consider a yellow wreath. This is a sign that you’re extending a kind hand toward other loved ones impacted by the death of a friend.

3. Multicolored Flowers

Sometimes, when an elderly loved one passes on after a happy and full life, it isn’t unexpected. In these situations, you may want to use the funeral to honor the memory of the person who has left you. If you want to honor the life of the deceased rather than have a somber occasion, multicolored flowers are a great way to go.

Many people choose to get bouquets that consist of multiple hues of a single color. Beige lilies, orange carnations, and peach roses can all work together to create the perfect wreath. Magenta, pale pink, and millennial pink roses can all be placed beautifully in the same bouquet against a green and white backdrop.

However, there are more multicolored options that incorporate shades from many areas of the color wheel. White, red, and blue bouquets that stand tall and proud are great ways to show the heights of a family’s love for their lost relative. Sympathy bouquets that incorporate pink lilies, bluebells, yellow daisies, and red roses are also a great choice.

You can get multicolored bouquets in a variety of shapes and sizes. This makes them perfect for delivery. You can simply choose the desired size of your bouquet, pay, and wait for them to arrive at their destination!

4. Carnations

Carnations come in a wide variety of colors, and many of them symbolize sympathy and remembrance.

Red carnations show that you have a deep respect for and admiration of the person that has been lost. This is the appropriate choice for an expression of grief.

However, if you want to express that the love you (and others) had for the person lost was pure, white carnations are a great choice. These flowers are the correct option after a tragedy in which someone young was lost prematurely- they are a symbol of innocence.

Pink carnations are primarily intended to show sympathy for the loved ones of the deceased. Rather than directly honoring the person who has passed on, pink flowers are an extension of the hand of empathy and care toward those closer to the deceased than you were.

It’s important to note that carnations often come within larger funeral flower arrangements. They can be delivered to the recipient on their own, but it’s traditional to mix them with chrysanthemums. Lilies and roses also make for wonderful accents to a bouquet that primarily consists of carnations.

You can put these flowers to your love one’s monuments.

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