4 Ways to Deal with the Fear of Traveling

Travel isn’t always fun and exciting. For all the enjoyment some people have getting away from home and experiencing new people, places, and cultures, there’s a measure of anxiety and stress that often accompanies planning and executing a trip. 

Beyond the stress of scheduling and knowing all the plans and details of the trip, some people genuinely have a fear of travel. That fear can be caused by the mode of transportation such as having to drive a foreign car, take an international airplane, ride on a public train, navigate a cruise ship, or a variety of other factors. 

Yes, travel can be scary, but with the right preparation, that fear can be minimized. Prepare before traveling with the following four tips that teach you how to deal with fear of traveling.

Plan Your Travel Route

Know where you’re going ahead of time. If you’re traveling by plane, bus, or train, be aware of departure and arrival times and plan ahead accordingly. If you give yourself enough time in advance, you won’t have to worry about anything. If you’re traveling by car, look over a map and chart your course before you head out. For extra help and fun, you can even join a luxury cruise club, like inCruises.

Travel with a Friend

If you have a fear of travel, don’t go it alone. Having a good friend, spouse, or family member with you as you travel can make all the difference. With two or more people to share the stress and remember the details of your trip, you’re less likely to experience mishaps. 

Get Sleep and Drink Plenty of Water

It’s easier to travel when you’re well-rested and well-fed. Get plenty of sleep on the days leading up to your trip and carry around a water bottle and some food with you as you go. You’ll find that your fear or stress of travel will be lessened if you’ve gotten enough sleep, have been drinking enough water, and aren’t traveling on an empty stomach.

Internally Visualize

The practice of picturing yourself successfully navigating your travel experiences will go a long way toward easing your fear. Imagine yourself making it through the airport or car drive with no problems and reaching your destination easily through public or personal transport. 

Following these simple tips can help to decrease your anxiety when it comes to traveling. With that in mind, it’s probably high time you started dreaming of your next vacation—and how much you’ll enjoy it!