4 Ways to Optimize Your Time


Time is often one of the most valuable and scarce resources that exist. Because of this, it is important to efficiently have it managed since it is the one thing that determines success and failure. Time management is especially critical when one has quite a number of tasks that need to be organized, in a bid to get things done. What this will do at the end of the day is that the amount of stress that one can have due to not having their targets met will be reduced. Additionally, effective management and optimization of time will go a long way in ensuring that productivity is increased. Discussed below are some of the tips that Helen Schifter gives to help in time management.

1.Work with a schedule

Getting a list of all the activities that one hopes to undertake each day is very vital. The whole idea behind making a schedule by getting a list of all the activities that one is hoping to achieve goes a long way in helping to get a clear picture of the tasks to be done. One can even decide to keep a notebook where they write down activities that they are planning on performing and have each task ticked one by one as they are completed. This will go a long way in ensuring that not much time is wasted. One can decide to have their schedule for a to-do list broken down into different parts, including home, work and personal. This often goes a long way in ensuring that these are not in any way mixed up.

2.Work based on priority

In order to better manage one’s time, it is very important to work based on the things that need the most priority. These are often inclusive of those which require the most attention. It is important to take note of the fact that tasks that are not very important, are the ones that often end up consuming the most time. This is because more time is likely to be diverted to them given that they are less stressful and much easier to deal with. It is therefore important for one to identify the tasks that are quite urgent and critical, in order not to waste much time.

3.Have all the tasks that are related, combined together

It is essential to try and have activities that are similar to each other, grouped together, in a bid to multitask and save on time. This is one of the ways that is highly recommended by Helen Schifter. Having different tasks organized based on activities that are related is often much easier and ends up helping so much in having the overall productivity increased.

4.Have the day planned out in advance

Having a preparation of all the tasks that one plans on having the next day, a night before is very important. This is because this will help in sorting out the order by which one can be able to have different things successfully accomplished. This will then in turn go a long way in helping to save on time by increasing productivity.