4 Ways to Personalize your Scrubs

If you work in the medical field, then you probably have to wear scrubs. The clothing that you wear is usually a solid color. If your place of employment finds that it’s suitable, you could be allowed to wear scrubs that have designs on them. You can sometimes personalize your scrubs so that you stand out from other nurses and medical staff. Keep in mind that the personalization that you do to your clothing should be professional and should be approved by your employer.


There are numerous designs that you could embroider on your scrubs. You could hire embroidery services in Worcester to embroider your chosen design. It could be a stethoscope, your initials, or an image that represents the department where you work. You can usually get patches that can be ironed onto your scrubs if you aren’t sure how to embroider so that the appearance is similar. If you choose to use letters, you want to make sure they are easy to read and that they aren’t too large.


Most of the time, your scrubs should be the same color as you want to look as professional as possible for your patients and other employees. A way that you can personalize your scrubs is by mixing the colors up a bit. You could wear pants that are a neutral color with a top that’s a different color or that has a pattern. This method of personalization is a little easier if you have several different sets of scrubs and are allowed to wear a variety of colors instead of only two or three colors while working. An idea to think about would be to coordinate the colors that you wear for holidays, such as blue and pink for Easter or orange and black for Halloween.


You can sometimes order scrubs that have a custom print on them. Think about the department you work in when deciding what kind of print you want on your scrubs. If you work with children, then you might choose something fun like Disney characters, princesses, or teddy bears. Flowers or soft colors might be an option if you work with elderly patients. When patients see fun prints or something aside from a solid color, then they might feel a little more comfortable while you’re working with them. You can learn the difference between embroidery and screen printing here: https://onlinenewsbuzz.com/embroidery-vs-screen-printing/

Pockets and Buttons

Sometimes, you might need more storage for the items that you carry while you’re working. A way to personalize your scrubs is to add pockets. These can be on the front of your top or your pants depending on where you tend to need more room and where items are out of the way while you’re working. Buttons can also be added so that you can attach items to your scrubs. You can use buttons that are the same color as your scrubs or fun colors if you work with children or in a department that allows you to be a bit more flexible with your clothing.

Working in a medical setting can be rewarding. However, you need to abide by the set dress code. Personalizing your scrubs only takes a little time and can sometimes brighten the day for your patients as long as it’s alright with the medical facility.