5 Alternative Energy Sources You Need to Know About

Did you know that the average American uses over 14,700 kWh per year? As you can imagine, that amounts to hundreds of dollars a month on energy bills. Fortunately, there are plenty of energy options you can use to power your home.

But, what are the most efficient alternative energy sources? In today’s post, we’ll take a look at some of the best alternative energy options that will help you save money and the environment.

1. Solar Energy

Solar energy is the most common type of alternative energy, and it’s also one of the most efficient ones. One reason why it’s the go-to green energy option is that it’s easy to install on almost any home or building. Additionally, some countries like the US give you discounts for using solar energy, so you won’t only save money every month on your energy bill but also get a little discount. You can visit website here to read more about saving on solar panel installation costs.

Furthermore, you don’t need dozens of panels to start saving money since modern solar panels are more efficient and require fewer panels to gather and store energy. On top of that, many newer solar panels can store extra energy for cloudy days. If this type of alternative energy interests you, be sure to visit Blue Raven for more information.

2. Tidal Energy

Despite being a newer source of alternative energy, tidal energy has already proven to be effective. It gets its energy from the natural rise and fall of tides caused by the gravitational force of the moon and sun. The equipment used to gather tidal energy is similar to that of wind turbines, but instead of being on dry land, they’re placed in the water.

3. Biofuel Energy

This green energy option has become popular throughout the decades since it uses organic matter to power homes or equipment. When scientists discovered biofuel, they would only use animal carcasses as a means to power things, but in recent years they’ve used plant-based matter.

The only downside of this alternative energy is that you need sophisticated equipment to extract organic matter.

4. Hydroelectric Energy

Hydroelectric energy is perhaps the most controversial type of alternate energy since it involves placing a dam at a water source that impacts wildlife. But, despite that, hydroelectric power can cut energy bills in half since it uses water from rivers or lakes to power homes. They can do this through a dam, which pumps water through turbines, thus creating energy.

5. Wind Energy

Many countries worldwide have heavily funded wind energy since it’s one of the most affordable forms of alternative energy. On top of that, wind energy is completely eco-friendly, which is good news for the environment since some forms of alternative energy aren’t entirely eco-friendly.

The only downside of wind energy is that only large corporations use it now, but engineers are working to create home-friendly wind turbines.

The Future Lies in These Alternative Energy Sources

Hopefully, in this brief but detailed article, you better understand the different alternative energy sources. Of course, there are other types of clean energy, but these are the most popular and effective ones. So, which one do you want to use in your home?

Did you find this post helpful in learning about alternative energy sources? If so, be sure to check out other home-related posts since we’re sure you’ll find them interesting as well!