5 Benefits of Using an Instagram Shop for Your Business

Instagram Shop was incepted in the year 2019 and its features are updated constantly as far as the app user interface or UI is concerned. It is beneficial for a smooth shopper journey on Instagram. Then, it also benefits businesses when it comes to sales and revenues. As far as online shopping is concerned, it is the favorite activity of the millennials. 

Instagram is a visually appealing social app and scores high when it comes to aesthetics. The aesthetics on Instagram far exceed expectations due to companies like Social Studio. With time, the app has evolved with new features and options including Instagram shopping. The platform has over a billion monthly active users as well as numerous brands using the social media channel to sell their products or services. One such awesome feature is the Instagram Shop that is beneficial for e-commerce businesses, customers, and influencers. 

According to an article published in Entrepreneur, the checkout feature of Instagram lets Instagrammers purchase from specific brands, and that too without leaving the social app at all. Here are the five key benefits of using Instagram Shop for your brand: 

1. Genuine advertising 

These days, shoppers or customers like authenticity and trust in user-created content when it comes to online shopping. They like to buy stuff based on user-generated content or UGC than branded content. Therefore, if your business IG page uses more UGC with due permission from the creators, you help in building a reliable shopping environment by including the best UGC content together with shoppable tags and thus set up an IG Shop. 

The UGC content will also help in presenting a practical picture of your products, how consumers use them, the aesthetic details of the items on sale, and of course, customer reviews. It will help in creating brand advocacy together with sales. It means you will enjoy double benefits by using UGC content and genuine advertising on Instagram. 

2. Easy to find products

This is a common thing to happen with most shoppers. You find a product on social media and your interest is aroused. Then, you find no link or guidelines as to how you can find that product or purchase it. You cannot find the product anywhere on the web. However, when you have Instagram Shop, the discoverability of your products becomes super easy for the customers. All they need to do is click on the shoppable tags to find out more details about your products in real-time and make an informed buying decision. 

It means that your business benefits with sales and revenues because product discoverability has never been this easier. 

3. Fast, easy, and short shopper journey

Do you know what annoys your shoppers most when they are purchasing online? It is a lengthy, complex, and challenging checkout process. That is why there are so many shopping cart abandonments these days. Often, the shopping experience is too cumbersome on some e-commerce sites. 

Fret not. You will not business opportunities anymore because Instagram Shop has addressed this problem successfully. The IG shopping features let users shop items fast and in simple, short steps that require the least number of clicks and customers’ time. When you have an IG Shop successfully set up, you will not only experience a boost in sales but also buy followers for IG account. 

When a shopper has a simple and short purchasing journey with easy checkout, it helps in attracting more leads and conversions double. That is because the issue of shopping cart abandonment is negligible. 

When it comes to e-commerce businesses, they spend heavily to improve the checkout process as well as the purchasing and testing methods. Instagram Shop helps you do just that. 

4. Visual promotion result in successful sales

When it comes to visual promotion, it means the use of photos and videos to build customer engagement and convince them to buy your products. It is done using a visual guide without pushing your products directly. Modern customers do not take any kind of aggressive marketing in the best light. Therefore, use visual marketing smartly and intelligently. 

It is the best tool for modern-day marketing. You might be wondering why visual marketing is so effective compared to traditional advertising. That is because stunning visuals in the form of photos or Instagram videos engage your followers on more Instagram. A report shows that 85 percent of shoppers are more probable to purchase your stuff after seeing an image or watching a product video. That is the power of visual marketing and you need to reap the maximum benefits out of the same. 

When you set up an Instagram Shop, you can make the most out of the visuals to design shoppable posts that lead to conversions and successful sales. That is what Instagram is all about – testing your creativity so that you can market your products or services in the best possible way visually without imposing your stuff on the shoppers. 

5. More user engagement and possibilities of sales 

Now is the most critical and the key purpose or goal that IG shop serves for your business. You might be wondering what it is after all. Well, it is enhanced user engagement and product sales. An organic instagram engagement service can help your account grow.

When it comes to the marketing strategy of any business, it means boosting sales and earnings. When you manage to transform Instagram posts into shoppable ones, it inspires shoppers to focus their attention on buying products from your brands instantly. 

When people click on the Instagram shoppable posts, they access all information related to the products you sell. A new user interface pops up with product info, price, descriptions, and other related details that helps in building user engagement. 

Again, when you have shoppable tags, it lets real-time shopping for the people that in other instances might have taken a long time and additional effort. Instagram Shop makes shopping simple, convenient, and quick without annoying your customers. After all, customer experience is what matters today when it comes to e-commerce sales. A smooth buying journey is a key to the success of your Instagram Shop sales. 


Now that you are aware of the benefits of setting up an Instagram Shop, what are you waiting for? Take the leap of faith and start selling your products on Instagram. You will benefit. Join the bandwagon now.