5 Different Occasions Where Flowers Are Used

Imagine a world without flowers, everything would be so dull and boring. Green is life, yes but a touch of flowers makes the world a brighter place. Besides that, flowers act as a source of food for some insects, animals and humans. Some natural medicines also get extracted from the flowers.

Flowers are a symbol of hope. Their sweet smell and attractiveness are something to long for in daily life. Like any other plant, flowers need to be watered to maintain their freshness. Some people prefer plastic flowers which are also okay. Consider flowers made from the abs injection molding process, they are durable and colourful.

1. Weddings 

Many couples prefer flowers to be part of their deco during their wedding day. A florist can have them arranged along the red carpet, at the entrance or on top of tables to attract the invited guests and make the event colourful. Their choice of wedding flowers is usually influenced by their theme or interests. If the theme is white and purple, then white and purple flowers are ideal. SvenStudios can capture the magic of your wedding day.

 Regardless of their theme, a touch of red roses should never be missed at weddings. They symbolize the passionate love of the newlyweds. The flowers should be arranged in bouquets for better and brighter looks. Flowers are always dropped by the flower girls for the bride to walk on. The bride also holds a bouquet of flowers in her hands throughout the event to add to her beauty and to symbolize happiness. If you are planning to do a wedding, you can click here for the best flower bouquets in Singapore in order to make the right choice of flowers.

2. Valentine’s Day

This day is celebrated every 14th of February. Lovers give each other flowers to express the sincerity of their love. Red roses are mostly preferred, they symbolize passionate love. Another thing that gets bought during Valentine’s Day is lingerie at www.flowerbagslingerie.co.uk/g2091/slenderella/. During this day, you may also be given white roses to symbolize chastity, yellow roses to symbolize friendship, pink roses to symbolize admiration and primroses to show new beginnings in or newly found love.

The number of flowers you give someone may also pass a message. A single rose flower tells the gifted that he or she is the only one. Giving them 11 roses conveys the message that they are the missing flower since a dozen is made complete by 12 flowers. The flowers you hand someone on this special day should have a nice scent and fresh look.

3. Mother’s Day

Mothers are special beings in our lives, none of us would be in existence without them. The sacrifices they make for their children are uncountable and incomparable. It is for such reasons that they should be gifted during this special day.  

You don’t have to give them the most expensive car or house. The sincerity and love in the small gift you hand to them mean a lot. A bouquet of flowers will do her good as long as it is her favourite. There are different flowers that pass specific messages. For instance, Daylilies symbolize a mother, white lilacs convey a message of joy during youthfulness and childhood innocence. You may accompany the flowers with a special card to make them feel more special.

4. Funerals

You can sympathize and pass your condolences to the bereaved family by presenting a flower to them. It is believed that the beauty and scent of the sympathy flowers make them forget about their sorrows for a moment. A long time ago, flowers were used during funerals to block the odour that comes from the dead body. 

Flowers are also symbolic in funerals, they depict human life. The same way human beings are born and reach a time they have to die, so are flowers. They are planted, they bloom, then it reaches a time where they wither and lose their attractiveness and finally they die.

The timing of the flower presentation also matters. In some communities, flowers should be presented before the funeral service to show sympathy. If they are presented during or after the funeral service, it may pass a different message. Others say that you might be wishing for another member of the family to die. After the burial, the flowers are placed on top of the grave. The family and friends may replace the old flowers with fresh ones every time they visit the grave.

5. Birthdays

Flowers are also perfect gifts during birthdays. They cheer up the person celebrating and still pass a special message to them. Different flowers pass different messages during this day. If it is your mum’s birthday, pink flowers might be ideal to symbolise gratefulness. Red roses can be given to lovers during their birthdays to symbolise passionate love. Remember to pair your flower with a special card or any additional gifts like leather accessories.


Generally, flowers are more important than you may know. They do much more than pleasing your eyes and smelling nice. Flowers act as air purifiers, they absorb carbon dioxide from the air through their leaves and produce oxygen which is important for humans. They can be placed at the entrance, around your entertaining area or any other place that you prefer.

Consider getting yourself a flower, especially if you have relatives around you who are asthmatic or have any other breathing problems. They are highly advised by medical practitioners.