5 Ideas for Throwing a Construction Themed Party for Kids

For people young and old, the construction industry is fascinating. This is especially true for small children who only see the amazing things being built and the “really cool” machines. This is why a construction-themed party can be a great hit with the kids when pulled off correctly. Here are five tips to help you with your construction-themed children’s party.

1. Construction party wear:

One great way to make a party for children a lot more exciting is to have construction-themed party wear. You can get children’s hard hats, safety vests, tool belts, and elbow/arm pads. When the party is over, you can let the guests keep the construction costume. In addition, this is also a great opportunity (excuse) to teach the children a few safety lessons.

2. Construction themed gift bags:

Besides a construction-themed costume for the children to wear, you can have little gift bags (or gift “toolboxes”) for your child’s friends to bring home.

These can include some cheap dollar store trucks and plastic kids tools. You can also include some “construction manuals” (aka children’s educational books) talking about construction and the various trades. This can get the children more interested in both the trades and the science that makes those trades possible.

3. Construction decorations:

Decorations set the atmosphere. It is a good idea to decorate the house with orange, yellow, and black colors. Additionally can get things like caution tape and cheap plastic tools from dollar tree to add to the ambiance.

If you want to go the extra mile, you can also print out pictures of “cool” construction machines and hang them up on the wall. For more educational value, have a short description of what the machines do and why from construction company websites like Murrysville Machinery and others.

You can also make construction warning signs and label the various play and food stations with creative labels. Make a “tools” label for the silverware, a “warning hazardous fumes” sign for the bathroom, and labels for the food like spare tires for donuts or diesel fuel for the soda.

4. Construction theme party food:

Along with creative labels for the food, you can also get foods that look like construction materials. There are plenty of options for using the food itself as a decoration, from dirt cups to bespoke birthday cakes from Anges de Sucre. You can use cheese-it’s and make them look like the diamond-shaped warning signs, or have a burger, salad, and hot dog building station.

5. Construction themed games and activities:

One great way of making the party fun for the children is with construction-themed activities.

Activities that encourage creativity like lego, lincoln logs, and building blocks can be a big hit with the kids. If you’re an overachiever, you can even make a sandbox and fill it with trucks and shovels.

Also, you might want to have a “quiet corner” for children to sit and relax when they need a break. Make a space where the tv is playing shows like “bob the builder,” or you can go the educational route and play some youtube educational shows. Shows that focus on construction (focused on the “cool stuff” like big machines, demolitions, etc.) and the science behind it could be very entertaining for the children.

A construction-themed party is a great way to add excitement to a party that can be fun, exciting, and educational.

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