5 Incredible Benefits of an Online Timeclock

Human beings are inherently lazy, and your employees are no different. They are always looking for ways to do less but earn more. That’s why time theft is common in most organizations. You should understand that even a minute lost can badly affect your business.

However, you don’t have to worry anymore because there is a new way of ensuring your employees are present at their work stations on time. Online timeclock is a web-based time and attendance system that records start times, end times, breaks, overtime, and vacations.

You don’t need to employ more people to calculate the working hours or go through the manual timesheet. The computer-based time clock is easier to manage, and the company works with fewer employees.

This cloud-based time tracking system is fully mobile and beneficial for managers, supervisors, employees, and the entire organization. We have outlined the incredible benefits of an online timeclock in 2019! Learn why you need to be using a cloud timesheet system today!

1. Workforce Productivity

Time has a lot to do with the productivity of your employees, and the ability to record the hours worked can help a lot. There is an advanced online clock in system technologies that will enable you to record and monitor the staff hours and know how productive they are. The best example of this can be TSheets time tracking software that integrates well with Hosted QuickBooks Enterprise which can easily track employees time and performance. Microsoft Intune which comes with Microsoft enterprise mobility suite is another cloud based tool for monitoring corporate user applications/emails etc.

With all the working hours recorded, the company can easily save time and allocate more time for accomplishing other important activities. You don’t need to add up the working hours manually when preparing payroll. There is no cumbersome time spent going through handwritten timesheet.

You can get hold of advanced features such as project cost prediction that will let you know the labor cost versus overall productivity. This way, you can easily control the hours worked and divide with the cost. In the long run, your business will not experience any loss of time and probably spend no money on idle hours.

2. Accuracy

Unlike the old-time tracking methods, cloud time clock records error-free data. You not only use the software to calculate the working time but also employ it to do financial calculations. You can easily calculate taxes, salaries, and wages and still get enough time to focus on other essential aspects of the business.

With this time tracking system, employees cannot cheat time and spend working hours on unnecessary activities. It marks their attendance every time, ensuring they are accountable for working hours and any time spent away from the office.

The accuracy level is also important for employees as they can record any overtime working hours. They get paid for every extra time spent working. The company avoids overpaying for hours not worked, which ensures more profit.

3. Better Working Environment

Both the employers and their employees yearn for better interaction and a friendly working environment. Where there is understanding and honesty, it is easy to create a pleasant working environment, which increases motivation for more productivity.

The management finds it easy to work with honest employees as the webbased time clock system reduces time theft. A manager or supervisor is less likely to get into a disagreement with an employee because of late reporting or absenteeism. Employees are held accountable for their lost time.

The system empowers and informs workers as they stay updated with their working days, break hours, and off-days. They can easily check their vacation time and prepare themselves in advance. Employees have better access to their timesheet and can manage their own time for better performance.

4. Data Security

With a time clock online, you can have peace of mind knowing that your data is secured. There is no unauthorized access to your data as everything is kept safe and away from the public eye. Your employees cannot make any changes in the recorded data, hence increased safety.

Your data information is not spread around so many people. The time card information is stored in the cloud. There are fewer chances of confidential information or important company data ending up in the wrong hands.

Additionally, you are unlikely to suffer data loss due to a system crash, power outage, or natural disaster, which can cost you more to recover. A cloud-based data system safeguards your data against these crashes or data loss because of the constant server back up.

5. Online Timeclock Saves Money

It is the goal of every company to spend less and earn more. Webtime clock makes achieving this goal easier. There are a lot of areas where your company will be able to save money and increase your business profit. Talk of reducing payroll expenses and ensuring easy data management.

The accuracy level of this cloud-based system ensures you don’t overpay or underpay your employees. You will not spend a cent for hours not worked as you have the option to integrate the working hours to QuickBooks. No time wasted going about the manual sheets and adding up the working hours.

You don’t need to employ more people to calculate the working hours or go through the manual timesheet. The computer-based time clock is easier to manage, and the company works with fewer employees. This means fewer expenses in the payroll.

The attendance tracking ensures there are no manual errors that can cost the business more money. There are no cost leakages as a result of system inaccuracies or time theft by the employees. The company can account for all the money spent.

Do it for Your Business

There are enough reasons why you should implement online timeclock software for your business, no matter how hard it may seem at first. The business world is growing, and technology is continuing to take over most manual tasks to make them easier and cost-effective.

Your business needs to stay up to date, compete effectively, save money, and increase the productivity of its workers. A cloud-based operation is all you have on your side to ensure all these. Don’t wait any longer because there is no better time to upgrade than now.

Try webtime clock technology today and sit back as you watch your business reap all the benefits. Don’t forget to explore our website to learn more about the business activities and the technology you can put in place to grow your business in this competitive world.