5 Lawn Care Tips For First-Time Homeowners

New homeowners have a lot of first-time responsibilities. One, in particular, can be challenging if not addressed regularly. Lawn care is something that can get out of hand fast if neglected. Overgrown grass and unruly tree branches not only look unsightly, but they also can turn your neighbors against you quickly. If you need help tending to your lawn, you may hire professional lawn care services. Check the full guide to propagate curly willow growing to make your garden look awesome.

How to Care for Your Lawn Like a Pro

Five lawn care tips for first-time homeowners are listed below for you to use. Each provides you with valuable insight that makes caring for your lawn fast and easy. The benefits you receive from implementing the suggestions are greater curb appeal, a safe and spacious place to spend time outdoors, and the perfect spot for flower and vegetable gardens.

#1: Know the type of grass you have so you can care for it correctly.

Different types of grass grow in different regions of the country. Learn what type of grass makes up your lawn so you can care for it correctly. Books can be easily bought or borrowed explaining the varieties of grasses in the region you reside.

#2: If you seed the lawn, aerate the soil first.

According to Bob Vila, aerating the soil should occur when the ground is hard or dry, there are patches of grass missing in areas due to pests or overwatering, poor drainage, too much thatch, and excessive foot traffic. If you have poor drainage, take a look at those underground drainage pipes in Essex and maybe it’ll be what your home needs. All of these things can cause the grass to grow poorly. Aerating the soil makes it easy for water, nutrients, and air to get to the soil.

#3: Pull and treat weeds often.

Weeds take over a yard, flowerbed, and garden quickly. Unless you address them right away, they’ll continue to be a nuisance for a long time. You can pull and treat weeds regularly and still experience an issue with them. Better Homes and Gardens recommends square foot gardening, which involves strategically spacing plants closely to eliminate weed growth.

#4: Fertilize the lawn.

To encourage new growth, you’ll want to fertilize the lawn often. Home improvement retailer Lowe’s suggests fertilizing in the early spring, again in the late spring or early summer, and the late summer or early fall. Fertile soil ensures that vital nutrients are available to help the grass grow healthy and green, the way that you prefer it to be.

#5: Don’t over or underwater the grass.

Too little water and too much water can be highly problematic. You can take care of the issue with a screwdriver or spade. If you can’t get either object into the ground, it’s time to water the lawn. The dirt is hard and dry, which indicates it’s time to water them using a garden hose nozzle or just turn the sprinklers on, stat! If the sprinklers aren’t functioning properly, have them fixed by a sprinkler repair professional.

The Right Equipment Makes All of the DifferenceInvesting in the right lawnmower ensures that you have the equipment needed available whenever your lawn reaches a specific height. You can easily cut the grass without hiring someone to do it for you. The initial price paid for a lawnmower offers a big return on investment in money saved month after month, year after year.