5 Things You Shouldn’t Miss When Planning San Francisco Night Tours

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San Francisco is one of the most popular and eclectic cities in the States that is quickly becoming a tourist destination that travelers can’t ditch.

While the daytime attractions are marvelous, the night tours San Francisco can be truly an experience of a lifetime. 

Whether you are having goose-bumps while visiting SF’s federal prison or enjoying The Cold Blooded Show in the Theatre District with your family before heading to a local resto-pub to satisfy your hunger pangs – there are a plethora of options to explore in this “City by the Bay”. 

Here are some intriguing aspects of the city that can be experienced once the sun goes down. Take a look. 

Experience an Alcatraz Night Tour

In the middle of the San Francisco Bay, there is Alcatraz Island, where you can find the notorious former prison – Alcatraz. This was the home for some of America’s most infamous criminals, and though many tried, Alcatraz remains impenetrable till its last. In the 1960s, the prison was closed, and its stories are nothing less than legends. You can visit this place at night for a good scare. Recorded cell tours are available, and at night, you can visit some of the areas that are not permitted during the day.

Ride a Cable Car 

Riding a cable car is one thing that everyone does once he or she visits San Francisco. But riding one through a starry night is a mesmerizing experience. Apart from getting a zoomed view of the lit-up city from above, a night-time cable car ride also ensures less crowd, smaller waiting periods, or lines and enables you to travel comfortably instead of getting squished. These cable cars run till midnight. So, it can be a fun late-night activity to enjoy post-dinner or drinks in San Francisco. 

Watch a Broadway Show in Theatre District 

Though Broadway is famous, SF’s Theatre District also presents an abundance of critically acclaimed shows that won many awards, like An American in Paris, Hamilton, Book of Mormon, and many more. If you are not a musical fan, there are also many opera and dance performances to choose from. You will find many restaurants in this area. So you can quickly grab a bit before or after the show if you need. 

Eat-in As Many Restaurants as Possible 

San Francisco is slowly reopening after the pandemic, and the city’s favorite restaurants like the private dining rooms in San Francisco are also facilitating more seating indoors. If you want to chill outside, that is also available through the city’s new park-lets. You can visit China Town, the city’s oldest street with food markets, exotic shops, temples, renowned restaurants, and much more, or grab a cocktail in one of the wineries. The foodie in you will never complain in San Francisco. 

Enjoy Live Music 

For the rockers, San Francisco is a world-class city that has lots to offer. Being close to LA and thanks to its exclusive underground music, SF is the haven for concerts and quality live music, while they also have all the best security and fencing and using a heras fence cover as well. You will find tons of historical and independent venues strewn across the city. And the reason to choose these independent venues is that they are more intimate and affordable than the larger halls. Some of the local music venues are: 

  1. The Independent 
  2. The Fillmore
  3. Rickshaw Stop
  4. Boom Boom Room 
  5. Club Deluxe

These are just some things that can intrigue you. The night tours in San Francisco are just going to blow your mind when done right. Just ensure that you travel safely, and you can have a tour that will be etched in your memory for years for all the right reasons.