5 Movies to Watch When You Are Heartbroken

Somewhere in your life, you will feel heartbroken. Whether you are away from your family, quarreled with your friends, or have problems with your dearest person not reciprocating the same amount of love, there could be many reasons for heartbreak. 

However, there are umpteen ways to mend a broken heart, pick yourself up, and be strong to keep yourself going. And one of the best ways to cheer up yourself and get motivated is engaging yourself in an activity that gets you preoccupied. And what could be a better escape than watching a fun movie? 

So, if you are heartbroken and feeling low, we have a list of movies you can watch that can help you let go of your past and overcome your emotional shortcomings. But before we proceed, a quick reminder to you to ensure you have a reliable internet connection. 

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So, without making you hold up any longer, here is the list of top movies you can watch to get that fresh breeze: 

  1. Silver Linings Playbook

Silver Linings Playbook has to be on the top of the list as you could easily resonate with its story. The story embarks on the true and potential challenges that come with serious mental health problems. 

The story revolves around Pat, played by Bradley Cooper, whose untreated bipolar disease costs him his marriage and job. The film begins with Pat being released from the hospital and he moves in with his parents where he meets the recently widowed Tiffany, played by Jeniffer Lawrence, who also suffers from a mental problem. 

With incredible and close-to-reality performances of artists and a moving storyline, the movie is just a perfect medicinal treat. The movie sends a very good message to viewers that once you accept yourself instead of running from your problems, you can face any problem and can sort out everything that comes your way. 

  1. 500 Days of Summer

Obviously, you want to watch a movie that helps you forget your worries, and for that 500 Days of Summer is just the perfect for you. This is a romantic-comedy film that you will captivate you throughout the film and surprise with an unpredictable end. 

The movie stars Joseph Gordon Levitt who plays Tom Hanse, the main character in the movie, who after being dumped by a girl who he thought was his soulmate tries to contemplate and figure out where it all went wrong. 

This movie, again, gives out a good lesson that there are many good things in life that are yet to come; therefore, it is better to let go of the past and detach yourself from what is gone. 

  1. Inside Out

Inside Out has to be an all-time favorite of every animated movie lover. This animated movie is affixed to a prime moral that it is okay not to be okay. The movie is about an 11-year-old girl, Riley, whose different emotions, joy, anger, disgust, fear, and sadness, control her actions. The movie represents how surroundings impact emotions and how emotions can affect a person. 

  1. It’s Kinda Funny Story

Hands down, It’s Kinda Funny Story has to be one of the best movies to watch when you feel depressed. Thinking about suicide, Craig Gilner seeks help from the hospital. The teenager gets himself checked in an adult psychiatrist ward. 

This movie is a reminder that it is important to understand the importance of mental health. It also highlights how people fighting with mental health disorders are not alone in the journey. 

  1. Sound of Metal

The award-winning film, Sound of Metal, is an emotional rollercoaster that takes you on the journey of Ruben, a drummer played by Riz Ahmed. After becoming hearing impaired, Ruben takes it as a minor problem that he can overcome as he did with his drug addiction.

He joins a rehab facility and with the help of his counselor, Joe, he tries to rebuild his life. The journey of his acceptance of his deafness and embracing himself with the shortcoming is quite emotional.   

Wrapping Up

No matter what, when you are heartbroken, it is important to control your emotions and prevent yourself from making decisions that do not bode well in the long run. Therefore, whenever you feel low, find a way to deviate from your thought process and engage yourself in a fun activity like watching a couple of light-hearted films. So, check out the films and obtain the strength you need!