5 Pivotal Reasons Why Office Buildings Need Water Fountains

Aquatic features have become a vital part of modern office environments. Features such as fountains, waterfalls, and bubbling ponds can change the ambiance and atmosphere of your office space. They are known to impact the morale and productivity of the office occupants positively. Water fountains are the most common among these features. Investors who are planning to purchase a commercial building may consider hiring a commercial inspections specialist to thoroughly inspect the property, its facilities and amenities including water features such as fountains and ponds.

1. Aesthetic Appeal

Fountains are a great way to decorate your office space. Whether you are looking for something classic, modern, or custom, they can enhance and complement different decors and interior styling. Your office space will also look more high-end and attractive to visitors.

Today’s fountains come in different styles, shapes, and materials. The market offers many options to fit your respective office space, from small tabletop fountains to magnificent free-standing fountains. You can seek professional plumbing parts to handle the designs and installation.

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2. Relaxing Ambiance and Tranquility

Fountains are known for the soothing sounds they generate from the free-flowing water. It helps create a natural link between indoor spaces and outdoor living as water reminds us of nature. This brings a comforting and calming ambiance to the office. Studies have also shown that free-flowing water helps relieve work-related stress enhancing productivity. It may require plumbing repair work done at some point, but it shouldn’t happen too often as fountains are relatively basic systems within.

3. Better Air Quality

Water is a natural air purifier. Free-flowing water from the fountain evaporates into thin air. It contributes to the humidity hence improving the workplace’s air quality. This is also beneficial to your indoor plants.

Evaporation of water also releases negative ions, which attract allergens and dust, removing them from the air. It makes breathing more refreshing, especially in congested or small office spaces.

4. Low Maintenance and Less Invasive Office Upgrade

Water fountains are common because they are easy to maintain. For example, a small wall fountain requires a refill every two weeks and thorough cleaning every six months. It involves switching off the fountain, draining the water, wiping down the inside tubing and the outside of the fountain, and checking out the commercial plumbing and motor functions.

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Small offices can take advantage of wall fountains given the limitation of office space. A wall fountain can be installed vertically or horizontally, making it less intrusive in a squeezed office environment. It is also as simple to install as hanging it up on a wall.

5. Attract Attention

Fountains are eye-catching due to the free flow of water and are best placed in breakrooms or reception areas. They make a great first impression on visitors who may linger more hence promoting business. Additionally, they can also be specially designed to incorporate the company’s identity hence working as a great marketing tool for visitors and customers. Employees also can take a refreshing break beside the fountain near the cool and serene stream of water to unwind.

Water fountains recently have become a modern feature in office spaces. Their increasing popularity could be credited to the increase in emphasis being placed on the better well-being of employees as well as the quality of life in the office workplace.