Decorating For The Holidays Without Damaging Your Lawn 

Lawn Service Experts

Your lawn service experts know a thing or two about keeping your lawn safe from Holiday merrymaking. Here’s what they advise:

Soon it will be time to put up the outside Christmas decorations for the season! Your lawn can benefit greatly from Christmas decorations, and your house’s façade will appear festive as well.

You may be really creative with your decorations without seriously harming your grass, trees, and shrubs. Here are some recommendations for the best Christmas lawn decorations that won’t harm your grass, as well as some advice you can use to keep your lawn in good condition.

Pay attention to your entire exterior, not just your lawn.

Instead of putting your primary Christmas decorations in the center of your lawn, start by decorating the exterior of your home. Your front door and porch can serve as a lovely display’s main point. Poinsettias, wreaths, and miniature Christmas trees all add festive cheer to your front porch. To enliven your lawn, you can also hang decorations and lights from your trees.

Take into account using green decorations from your landscape when choosing what types of holiday decorations to use. Save a few trimmings from your holly, boxwood, and other evergreen pruning to make a recycled holiday wreath. 

Avoid displaying heavy ornaments outdoors for extended periods of time 

Do not keep heavy decorations on display for more than a few weeks if they are heavy. If you do, you can end up with a damaged lawn. Try to stick with inflatable decorations rather than bulky ones. Because they are not overly heavy, inflatables can stay up for longer. If you would rather have these bulky ornaments, make an effort to shift them about your lawn to reduce yard damage. 

Set a timer for your lights and outdoor displays.

How would a timer prevent damage to my lawn? Well, by setting your display on a timer, you can turn everything on and off without having to cross your yard. Your lawn may suffer from increased foot traffic, particularly if you frequently travel the same route. 

Snowmen and snow angels

You may not think that an innocent little snowman greeting everyone from your front yard could damage your lawn. But you’d be wrong. A large pile of snow (which, after all, is what old Frosty really is) left on the lawn for months at a time can actually cause an overwinter browning of your turf in the spring. But don’t panic. If your kids have to have snowmen in the front yard, let them. The spring browning will eventually disappear as the summer sun and generous moisture restores the grass’s health and vitality. 

The same goes for snow angels or anything that compresses the snow into the grass – where it becomes ice. It’s the way glaciers are formed over the centuries – the snow is compacted down until it turns to ice and then starts sliding down the mountain. In your lawn’s case, the ice keeps your grass from breathing during the winter – which it needs to do, even though it is dormant. 

So don’t let your Holiday festivities have a negative impact on your grass. Santa Claus won’t like it – and you might get some weeds in your stocking!