5 Things Homeowners Don’t Consider When Renovating a Bathroom

If there’s one thing that every homeowner pays significant attention to, then it’s none other than the renovation of their kitchens and bathrooms. Kitchen and bathroom remodeling are the two most sought-after home remodeling projects for homeowners because if these places aren’t aesthetically appealing and peaceful, it can easily ruin their moods. 

By doing a bathroom remodeling that involves having a new shower installation with shower glass doors or new bathroom cabinets, you can create a special moment for yourself and your loved ones. 

However, when it comes to bathroom remodeling or shower remodeling, most homeowners often struggle with choosing the different tiles, choosing a bathtub, what shower screen will go best or what vanities can be complimentary. After all, we all want to have the most spectacular features in our bathroom. 

ExoTiles Sydney advises that if you really want to make a statement and wow yourself every day with your bathroom design have a look at installing mosaic tiles; a custom tile installation will provide something different to the mundane and drab tiling you see in almost every bathroom giving your bathroom that WOW factor.

Don’t we? 

Are you interested to know what five things every homeowner should consider before making investments in doing a bath remodel or renovation? Here are five things we all must address right in the planning stage. 

Understanding the Storage Requirements

According to Do It All Contracting, the most initial things one must consider before investing their budget in creating a bathroom is whether the bathroom has an adequate amount of storage. Storage is important because there are so many bathroom products which you need to place. They can range from beauty products, bath products, cleaning agents, towels, and more. So when designing or renovating your bathroom, you should first pay attention to storage. Add cabinet style vanity units for a change. Increase shelving and install mirrored units. Some people even go through the extra length to include bookcase type shelves. 

Do check what suits your requirements. Make investments accordingly. 

Install a Slip-Proof Flooring in your Bathroom

Does your home have little children, elderly people, or pets? If you don’t have slip-proof flooring installed in your bathroom, you will eventually find yourself taking somebody to the emergency for bone fracture. Hence, it is best advised that you try finding a bathroom renovation service in NYC  that can provide you with a slip-proof flooring solution. Instead of choosing a nice shiny tile that adds to the appeal of your bathroom, go for a slip-proof floor option. Many slip-proof tiles are available in the market, which appears quite different from the institutional old fashioned bathroom tile designs. 

If you’re going for a tile with a very low slip rating, then find something that falls in the R-11 rating. There are a lot of multitude of options such as that shell stone tile for sale online.

Installing Commendable Ventilation System

If you want to make sure your bathroom remains free of mould after the bathroom remodeling, you must choose the right ventilation system. Ventilation is something that most homeowners don’t particularly prioritize. Hence, when setting the ventilation system at your home or workplace, make sure to choose a fan big enough in size. Also, while installing the fan, make sure that it has a large enough outlet. Although a window is good enough to provide air so the mould doesn’t settle in, but it’s not one of the best options. 

If you don’t like mould build-ups, then it’s best that you opt-in for a proper ventilation system to keep the moist air out of your bathroom for good. 

Take Care of the Grout Lines

When laying down tiles, we often leave the grout lines just the way they are. Over time, plaque builds up in the grout lines creating a very bad impression and a dirty overall look and feel of your bathroom. When you’re having a bathroom remodeling, grout lines are one area you need to pay attention to. Make sure to have a Tile Grout Cleaning Service regularly to ensure the grout lines remain clean. 

Use proper protective layers to make grout lines appear cleaner than you expect them to appear. 

Lastly, Leave Enough Room for Cleaning

Now just in case, if you have a small bathroom and you’re planning to renovate the whole thing, then don’t pack it up to the extent that you find no room for cleaning. When your bathroom is overlaid with too many storage units, along with shower units, and other vanities, it becomes increasingly difficult for a person to find enough space to clean it. Trust me; there’s nothing more frustrating than observing dust mites and dust bunnies bundled together in places where your normal cleaning tools can’t reach. Keep this in mind if you are looking for a hot tub for sale or other large components of your project. If you take the proper measurements before looking you can save yourself a lot of trouble and backtracking.

So make sure when you do bathroom remodeling or renovation, you leave significant space for yourself to easily clean.