5 Things You Should Know Before Moving to Alabama

Moving to a different state is an enormous undertaking, but with the help of out of state movers like Flyttebyrå Oslo you can make it a lot more easier. Although there are some common things everyone must do no matter where they move to, such as forward their mail and change their driver’s license and vehicle registration, you may not be familiar with the best businesses in your new locale. Taking time to learn about some cultural and practical factors about your new home before moving day that can help you simplify the process and make a smooth transition.

Those planning a move to Alabama may be surprised by a number of things about the Yellowhammer State. For one, it produces the substances needed for both steel and cast-iron, and is the only state in the U.S. that does. Alabama was a key location during The Civil Rights Movement, and the state produced the Tuskegee Airmen, who were the first group of pilots of African American ancestry. Despite it’s southern placement, Alabama does enjoy four seasons throughout the year. It offers spectacular beaches as well as some of the best golf courses in the nation.

Speaking Southern

Every part of the United States has its own terms and expressions that are common, and Alabama is no exception. What may surprise newcomers, particularly if they aren’t from the South, is that there are a lot of southern expressions that sound nice but aren’t. Before you bless someone’s heart or say “Land sakes” it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the meanings of these and other local expressions so that you do not unintentionally cause offense.

Home Builders

Home builders are localized companies that specialize in home construction. Since home builders vary from place to place, you want to refer trusted home builder in Mobile, AL or other reputable construction company that is known for quality craftsmanship. Local home builders are aware of the local factors that can affect the construction process and the building conditions in different parts of the country are quite different, which is just one of the reasons why you want to make certain you deal with a company that’s been working successfully in Alabama for years.

Barbecue is a Source of Pride

Restaurant referrals aren’t something to be taken, or given, lightly. Alabamians love their food and they have a variety of local dishes to enjoy, including fried green tomatoes. It would be borderline offensive to turn down an invitation to a good barbecue, and you will want to try everything once and go back for seconds. Don’t expect to eat bland foods; sauces and spices are used generously in Alabama, infusing local dishes with plenty of flavor and often a bit of a kick.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Alabama is below the American average in almost every measurable category, which makes Alabama one of the most appealing states to consider moving to. Houses are significantly less than they are elsewhere in the country, saving homeowners tens of thousands of dollars. Groceries and transportation also come in under the national average, which means more money stays in Alabamians’ pockets so that they can invest in recreational activities, day trips and, of course, more of that delicious barbecue.

Nationwide Vehicle Insurance

One of the best things about Mopar protection plans for Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM vehicles is that they offer nationwide coverage. This offers peace of mind before a move, because you do not need to worry about learning that your vehicle isn’t covered for repairs after you get to your new home. Make sure you check your vehicle’s warranty conditions and if you’re investing in a new vehicle or warranty plan prior to your move make sure repairs in Alabama are covered.