5 Tips for Growing Your Non-profit Organization During Covid-19

Most, if not all, non-profit organizations have felt the impact of the current pandemic. This makes it almost impossible to run your non-profit as easily as before. With little to no social interaction, organizational requirements are proving difficult to attain. However, there is a broad of resources still available to people, enabling non-profits to continue their businesses as usual. This mostly benefits the fundraising and outreach of the organization. Experience the simplicity of raising money for a cause. You can check out these church fundraising products to learn more about some great fundraising options!

There are five tips that will help your non-profit organization to grow even during the pandemic. These include:

Re-structuring of the budget

Every end of the year, your non-profit creates a new budget for the following year that notes the expenses and revenue for that year. Usually, this budget is revisited during certain times of the year, i.e., quarterly or bi-annually. During these times of the pandemic, it is crucial to revisit the budget to track the actual expenses and revenue from the budgeted amount. With fundraising being limited, make your budget adapt to the changing times by making sure you invest only in the necessary expenses.

Online workshops and fundraising events

The pandemic has limited physical interactions, but that does not mean that fundraising cannot be done. Virtual fundraising has become quite popular, and especially after the pandemic hit. Take this opportunity to become creative. You should come up with ideas that make your organization capture the attention of your online donors. Some of the marketing ideas you can try include virtual galas, social media contests, or even a virtual book club. Ensure that you conduct surveys that help you understand your fundraisers’ taste.

Open communication

This has become more amplified during these times. While it has always been a crucial entity in your organization, the pandemic has made it more important to communicate frequently and openly. Physical events have been reduced significantly, meaning that every organization has moved its campaigns digitally. Always ensure that you speak openly and honestly. Supporters are encouraged by this, therefore, earning their trust. This even applies if you are low on funding. Always keep them updated, and appreciate them when they choose to contribute or support

Always have clean and clear records

The pandemic has brought about unpredictability. This should make you more aware and prepared for any occasion that may arise in the future. You can do this by keeping your financial records detailed. This applies to campaigns, strategies, and any other program in your organization. This also helps with making sure that your taxes are billed properly and clearly to avoid scandals.

Encourage your supporters

Supporters are the backbone of your organization; they help fund programs and initiatives that help your organization grow. It is important to prioritize them during these times. This applies even when they cannot give at this time. Always show that you are willing to stand by your supporters through good and difficult times. This will encourage them to support you even after this pandemic. It is more costly to acquire a new donor than to keep an existing donor.

The COVID-19 times are difficult. It is advisable to adjust and find your place in this new normal. However, do not give up.