6 Key Reasons to Have Your Eyesight Checked Annually

Annual eye exams are frequently overlooked. Although you may have had perfect vision at the last visit, changes may have occurred since then that you are unaware of. This could lead to you needing glasses or changing the prescription on your current ones. Therefore seeing an optometrist at least once a year is still a good idea. Eye exams aid in the detection of various eye health issues and in the maintenance of your vision. In case you’re wondering, here are six reasons why you should visit an eye doctor for eye exams every year.

Eyesight Changes with Time

As people get older, their vision changes. It is just as crucial to have your vision checked on a regular basis as it is the rest of your body. As you get older, you are more likely to develop vision problems. Routine eye exams with the AOS allow you and your optometrist to discuss healthy vision while also monitoring your eye health. This will aid in the identification of possible health issues.

Identify Early Warning Signs of Health Conditions

An eye exam, believe it or not, can aid in the detection of other health problems in addition to eye problems. This includes high cholesterol, diabetes, autoimmune disorders, among others. That’s correct! Your eyes can reveal symptoms of a range of medical conditions, including eye-related issues such as retinitis or conjunctivitis. What information can an eye exam provide about these conditions? A retina-scope is used during an eye exam. Optometrists can see blood vessels and nerves in great detail with this handheld device.

Constantly staring at mobile devices and other electronics, such as cell phones, laptop computers, and television screens, is bad for your eyes. During an eye exam, optometrists can recommend ways to alleviate digital eye strain.

Keep An Eye on Your Child’s Vision

Children frequently struggle to communicate issues with their eyes. School screenings are generally presumed to cover the same territory as an annual eye exam. Although school nurses perform routine eye exams, they lack the tools and expertise to determine if any potential problems are developing. If you notice your child has vision problems, bring them to an eye clinic for they may already need eyeglasses. Fortunately, many insurance plans will cover an eye exam. Consult an optometrist to ensure that your child’s vision is protected.

It is Hazardous to Have Poor Eyesight

Vision problems can be dangerous not only to you, but to others as well. Driving a car while visually impaired is extremely dangerous to others. Worst of all, your eyesight is more impaired at night. Annual eye exams can monitor and correct vision problems, making you a safer driver.

Enhances Quality of Life

When visiting an optometrist, you should always reach your vision goals. Never settle for less-than-ideal vision. There are several treatments available to help correct your vision. Contact lenses from contactlenses.co.uk, eyeglasses, laser eye surgery, and cataracts surgery are all examples of this. Inquire about contacts or other vision solutions, if you already wear glasses.

You Only Have One Set of Eyes

Take special care of your eyes. Routine eye exams make it easier to monitor your vision health. So, you should start today by contacting an optometrist for an annual eye exam. If you want to find the perfect eyeglass for you, then check out sites like Eyeglasses.com and browse their inventory.