5 Tips on Saving Electricity and Lowering Your Electricity Bill

Electricity is seen as an essential part of daily life despite the fact that an estimated sixteen percent of the world doesn’t have access to electricity!

Of course, electricity isn’t free. The average Australian household will spend $1,576 on electricity per year. That’s a significant sum and one that most households would be happy to reduce. 

The good news is that you can, simply use the following 5 tips.

  1. Inspect Your Electrics

You need to have your electrics inspected on an annual basis as this will help to pick up any issues. When the inspection is done it’s essential that you ensure a thermal imaging service has been used. This will quickly scan the walls of your home or office and identify hot spots. A hot spot indicates an issue that needs looking at further. Visit https://home-proelectric.com/waterloo-outlet-repairs-2/ to get all the details.

Not only is this device very accurate it’s much simpler than testing individual circuits or pulling wiring apart.

Electrical leakage can have a serious impact on your energy bill, reducing the leakage will save you money.

  1. Change Bulbs

Did you know that a compact fluorescent light bulb uses approximately 75% less energy than a standard light bulb? That should be a good enough incentive to start replacing your light bulbs today.  It’s estimated you’ll save $60 a year by changing your light bulbs.

Don’t forget to recycle the light bulbs when you’ve finished using them.

  1. Smart Meter

The smart meter is a great way to monitor and isolate your electricity use. It will identify how much power you’re using when it’s being used, and which circuits or even which appliances are taking the power.

This will help you to change your habits and cut back on your electricity use. The great part is you’re in complete control, you can monitor the changes daily and adjust your patterns accordingly.

  1. Upgrade Appliances

Modern energy-efficient appliances use up to 75% less electricity than older appliances. Of course, you’ll have to spend on replacing the appliance. That means the savings on your electricity bill will be offset against the purchase cost. 

But, if you choose this as a long term option you’ll find that within a few years you’re making genuine savings.

  1. Sensor Switches

Another good idea to save electricity is to installs sensor switches. These are perfect for households where people forget to turn lights off.

The sensor switch will illuminate the light when it detects movement and shuts it off when there is no movement. It may not sound like much but you’ll be surprised at how much difference it makes to your electricity bill.

This is just the start of your savings, once you start thinking more about what you plugin and when you’ll start to realize where else you can save money.

For example, a phone charger still uses electricity when it’s plugged in, even if the phone is not plugged in! This is actually true for most appliances and the perfect reason to unplug when not in use.