5 Vehicle Door Lock Problems Any Wise Person Shouldn’t Ignore

You happen to purchase a new vehicle and you start driving it around for a while. The ride is exclusively smooth and gives you the maximum comfort of driving around the state. A year passed and everything looks perfectly well. But one fine day, you realize that the door lock on your vehicle has stopped working. It’s worse if you are suddenly a victim of an unfortunate emergency lockout and things get rough. It puts you into a dilemma and you find yourself questioning what might be the problem. Does your vehicle have smart power locks? Well if your vehicle has power locks then I might be able to help you out with identifying the problem. Maybe, if you can take some extra precautionary steps before the problem occurs. Here are 5 common reasons why door locks often stop working. 

Reason # 1: The Battery Must Have Died in Your Key Fob

Every modern vehicle today has a car key fob which the driver uses to access the door locks on the vehicle. In case, if you parked your car somewhere in the downtown district and went to the local tuck shop to buy yourself a pack of cigarettes, only coming back to a vehicle which does not respond to your car key fob, there’s a chance the battery on your car key fob just died. At times as such, we often ponder what is the best course of action? Well if you have a spare battery, or if there’s a hardware store nearby, then it’s best that you get a new battery and replace the old one. 

If changing the battery still does not workout well for you, then it’s probably because your car key fob has malfunctioned. Now, how about you get yourself an automotive locksmith to help fix it for you.  

Reason # 2: The Key Fob Must Have Broken

As I have discussed above, the only solution to fix a broken key fob is to either get it repaired by an automobile locksmith or get a new one. Usually, the locksmith company you will reach out for assistance always keeps spare key fobs for all kinds of emergency situations. When you inform the car locksmith about your problem, they will always bring a spare key fob along. So, in case, if your car fob is beyond repairing, hire orlando locksmith services and they will not mind replacing your existing key fob with a different one. 

However if you own a Honda Car, a Honda Key Replacement locksmith will have no problem replacing the Honda key fob in your vehicle.

Reason # 3: The Fuse in Your Vehicle Door Must Have Blown

Oftentimes, your car key fob does respond to other doors of your vehicle other than the driver side. If that’s the case, then there’s a high chance that a car door fuse must have blown off. 

The only way to fix this problem is to take your vehicle to a nearby auto shop and find a car electrician. 

They will change the fuse on your vehicle and your vehicle door will start working efficiently again. 

Reason # 4: The Solenoid on Your Door Lock Might’ve Stopped Conducting

Just like a blown fuse, the solenoid on your vehicle door can also often stop working. It may fail to conduct electric power and as a result, your automobile door may fail to open or respond to your car key fob. The solenoid is an electromagnet installed within your car door lock which shuts the door. 

A non working solenoid can also be replaced. All you have to do is take your vehicle to an electrician. They will not only change your vehicle’s solenoid but will also check if there are other problems. 

It’s best to get all your vehicle electric problems fixed right on the moment. 

Reason # 5: There’s a Broken Wire in Your Vehicle

If the door lock isn’t working, and if everything is in proper working order (such as your car key fob and the door electric components) then the only problem there can be is that of a broken wire. 

How would you know that your vehicle has a broken wire problem? 

If your vehicle lock isn’t getting enough power, then hold the switch on the lock up and try to close the door repetitively to see if the lock is responding or not. If it is, then there’s a broken wire for you to fix. 

If you know your vehicle, then you can always trace back the wiring and fix it where it is detached. 

Or else, the only other option you have is to take your vehicle down to the auto-shop, or hire a professional locksmith from locksmiths365.ie to fix this issue for you. 

So there you go, here are the 5 common door lock problems that any vehicle owner can encounter. If you can’t resolve the problem on your own, then it’s best that you reach out to a commercial locksmith. Individuals like such are always equipped with the right tools to fix the door locks right on the spot. If you also want your car to look good you may try How to remove oxidation and follow the process.