5 Ways NextGen EHR and Consulting Can Help Transform Your Practice

Automation and scaling solutions take care of tedious and mundane background processes and tasks. These systems give your team more time to add new services, improve patient experience, and increase efficiency. One of the best ways you can go on about this is by investing in NextGen EHR or EPM software.

NextGen software can be modified for your business using specialized help from a professional consultant. Doing so can transform your practice and scale it with minimum effort and error on your part.

New to NextGen?

Shifting your entire management can be overwhelming, even for the most experienced. The capabilities of NextGen software might feel both infinite and impossible at the same time. However, with training, running your practice with NextGen will become more comfortable and less time-consuming.

Professional business consulting agencies can guide you through the dreaded learning curve. The right agencies can offer you NextGen consulting services and solutions that suit your current situation and help you get to your desired outcome. The agency will help you with:

  • Expert Consultants– A team of board-certified informaticists will address your needs and help your clinic reach its future goals in a set timeframe.
  • Assessment and Optimization– Your designated team will use their expertise to find and apply the best solutions that suit your unique workflow to streamline your business operations and growth. The optimization also includes patient engagement and satisfaction and more substantial clinical outcomes.
  • Overcoming Hurdles– The consultants will help you navigate the healthcare industry’s changing landscape and any hurdles that come your way.
  • Financial Assistance– You’ll get all the help you need to automate and streamline your revenue cycle management, allowing you to improve cash flow and reduce A/R days. 

1. Staff Training

A well-trained staff will make sure that your NextGen software runs smoothly, as they’re less likely to make easily-preventable mistakes that could freeze or crash the software. Training will teach your staff to respond in case of technical errors and keep your business running while getting professional help to solve issues.

2. Billing Staff Augmentation

Most of your patients have insurance providers that you need to contact with a statement. Late payments, sometimes due to an overworked billing system or employee, can seriously hinder your business’s growth and cause you financial trouble with patients and health insurance providers.

Billing augmentation in NextGen software uses specialized software that can handle billing in place of employees when they’re on leave or when the workload becomes overwhelming. This allows you and your staff to focus your attention on improving the services you provide without worrying about billing technicalities.

3. EHR Dashboard Development

Your NextGen EHR system’s dashboard is the homepage of your system. It’s customizable on a user-basis to include the data and quick actions that your team needs. EHR dashboard can include visualized data for faster data retrieval and better patient-doctor communication, while also offering quick access to tasks that each employee needs depending on their duties.

While organizing a different dashboard for every employee might feel like a daunting and complicated task, your NextGen consultant will help you develop the perfect dashboard for your clinic. Having the right data on your homepage will decrease the time employees need to run those tasks.

4. Workflow Redesigns

Workflow redesign might be one of the most critical elements that your healthcare business needs to consider. It’s the process of mapping out your clinic’s current workflow and analyzing it for how your business runs, identifying its weak and strong areas, and finding room for improvement. The consultants will then help you develop a new plan that incorporates NextGen into your business, creating new workflow plans, and improving efficiency and service quality.

5. Telehealth Technical Support

Telehealth means using iot cellular routers by Connected Solutions Group for access to remote communication with patients. That includes phones, video chats, and internet forums. Remote access to healthcare is a service that most patients expect of all healthcare providers and can often be a dealbreaker. 

However, with communication, technology comes technical issues. According to IT support Los Angeles, without your consulting agency, you won’t have an IT professional ready on-call to provide support, leaving your telehealth service down until the next opening, which isn’t the best business practice when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Don’t Burden Your Shoulders

Most business owners pride themselves on being “solopreneurs.” However, asking for experts’ help to scale your business, especially in areas where you’re not the most knowledgeable, is the right choice. Hiring a consulting agency will mean a fast and smooth transition for your business with minimum drawbacks.