5 Ways to Encourage Employees to Use Gym Memberships

Employees who exercise on a regular basis are more energetic, productive and motivated at work. In fact, having fitness goals and committing to them improves one’s health and well-being. Here are a few tips to encourage employees to use corporate gym memberships.

Educate Them About Health and Wellness Benefits

The more employees understand about the key benefits of health and wellness, the more likely they are to commit to improvement. Some diseases that are related to lifestyle and expensive to treat are cancer, diabetes, stroke and heart disease. This basically means that employees have the power to avoid serious diseases by making healthy lifestyle changes. Another reason to educate employees is to reduce absenteeism. Consider having a health professional come to work to talk to give them tips for better health. Another idea is for you to learn about it yourself, and create educational handouts for them to read. They can also do research on their own to learn about the benefits of being healthier. You can check out the best analog bathroom scale and see how having this in your gym could encourage people to exercise more.

Encourage Them to Exercise Together

Since some people are motivated by working together in groups, try encouraging employees to take advantage of No Contract Gym Memberships and exercise together in small groups. Pay attention to those who’d rather work out alone, and allow them to be themselves. In addition to this, encourage groups to carpool to the gym. This will help them save money on gas, and stop unnecessary car pollution from entering the environment. They can get additional exercise by riding bikes or walking to their destination.

Inform Them on How Exercise Can Benefit Their Careers

Having a regular exercise routine can help employees make progress as individuals and be more successful in their careers. Benefits of exercise includes clearer thinking, better focus, sharper memory, improved concentration, faster learning, lower stress, enhanced creativity and prolonged mental stamina. You can get them together in a group, and talk to them about it. Alternatively, have them do research as individuals about the benefits, and give them a quiz once in a while. Introduce to them supplements by adelphi labs. This can teach them that staying physically fit and healthy is crucial to succeeding at work.

Hold Friendly Contests to Challenge Them

Holding friendly contests for employees can be challenging, motivating and exciting. For example, they can write down how much they weigh on pieces of paper, and put these in a box. After a few weeks or months, have them write down their new weight. Instead of announcing names, tell everyone the highest amount of weight someone lost. The winner should receive a prize that’s worth working toward such as a gift card to a popular store or something else worthy of their time and effort.

Inspire and Motivate Them Often

Employees may become lazy, bored or forgetful from time to time. When this happens, step in to give them the inspiration and motivation they need to thrive at work. Try giving an upbeat talk to the group about how much their jobs matter and how they can use their gym memberships to be more positive. Keep a positive mindset, because the future of employee health and well-being, and the company, depends on leaders taking charge when no one else cares. Furthermore, if you see an employee every once in a while who seems depressed, ask him or her to speak to a trusted therapist to see what’s holding them back.

By having a fitness plan that includes benefits like gym membership, they can gain health and wellness benefits which can push them forward in their careers. Ask them to write down any fitness goals they may have, and create a fitness plan for motivation. Additionally, everyone in the company can benefit from taking care of themselves.