5 Ways To Ensure a Successful House Move

If you’re planning a house move in the not too distant future it can be difficult to feel sure that you’ve remembered everything. Luckily we’ve created this list of organisational ideas to help you keep on top of having a smooth moving experience.

  1. Working with a good moving company

Though you are doubtless planning to move at least some of your possessions yourself, it would be a fool’s errand to try and move everything yourself so you will want to hire professional movers. However, it is obviously nerve wracking to entrust all the possessions which make up your home to strangers and a vehicle you aren’ in control of. Therefore, it’s important to make sure you opt for a reputable moving company like MoveBMS.com to ensure it all goes smoothly for you and your family. We have also heard from a friend that moved home in the UK recently and used a brilliant home removals service in Sussex called Van Dan, so if you are in that area then you should give them a call as they were absolutely amazing.

  1. Think about accessibility

You may be used to your property, but movers and relatives who descend to assist with the moving process may not be and it’s important to keep this in mind. Especially if you live in a rural area with poor access, you may be expecting people to drive through difficult terrain such as mud or ice, in which case you should search for Northern Mat rentals near me, to make sure that your access route is safe and passable for your relatives and moving company.

  1. Start packing early

Packing always takes longer than you expect, whether it’s for a holiday or waiting to move house. It’s important to start packing early to ensure the process stays orgainsed and methodical, rather than devolving into a panicked rush to throw things into boxes. Additionally, something else you can do to ensure that packing goes smoothly is to start collecting boxes as soon as you begin the moving process, to avoid running out when it’s most important.

  1. Sort out utilities before moving

When you’re moving, your new home will not be hooked up to certain utilities because the last owners will have disconnected it. A relatively common mistake is to move into your new home with this state of affairs still in place; it’s important to call ahead and ensure that all those utilities will be operational as soon as you arrive. This is especially important when it comes to wifi, as it can be much more fristrating than many people realise to have to go without for an extended period of time. Many of these utilities take about a week to activate, so leave slightly longer than that between calling and your move in date.

  1. Have the essentials easily accessible

Though it’s tempting to go down the traditional route of simply organising all your packing boxes by room – for example ‘kitchen’ or ‘bathroom’ – it’s a great idea to have at least a couple of boxes which contain the essentials you will need immediately in order to feel at home in your new house. For example, this could be teabags and a kettle for yourself, and a selection of favourite toys for a child. Perhaps even something more frivolous like a favourite lamp for the living space might go in these boxes to make the new place feel like home even before you’ve had a chance to unpack anything else. 

Moving is s stressful business, but with some simply organisational skills the stress can be minimised. Hopefully some items on this list help you achieve a stress free, or at least stress reduced, move!