6 Things to Include in Your Network Assessment

If you are going to be having a network assessment conducted of business, here are six of the things to include. 

A Security Review

The digitization of the business office has now changed the way that companies and IT services think about security. Companies no longer pass a lot of physical data, but prefer to send things via email, meaning a lot of correspondence and data passes through their infrastructure. 

As such, strong passwords and antivirus software are not going to be enough. You need to create a security review or get network penetration testing services provided by Nettitude that helps the company to find the areas where it needs to boost cybersecurity measures. 

A Physical Inventory

A network assessment should always include a physical inventory that shows all of the hardware, software and physical divides that are supported under a company’s network. 

When you step into a business office, you wouldn’t do so without knowing what you are walking into, and neither do we. Don’t forget that the inventory can also help you find the devices that need to go because they are outdated and insecure. You can always hire IT services in Coconut Creek to help keep your business running smoothly.

Performance Analysis

The whole existence of the IT infrastructure is to help data flow through the company. However, this can only happen if everything else performs as well as it can. Performance analysis looks at bandwidth capabilities, traffic flow, how well users can access the tools they need and so much more.

By looking at these things, you can get a pretty good idea what kind of condition the network is in health wise. It might be the case that deeper problems exist, and it might be that it is just poorly designed, but they are going to have a look.

Evaluation of the Cloud

Eighty percent of businesses are already using the cloud, and it is predicted that this is only going to rise in the coming years as they continue to see an increase in business productivity. You can use either public, private or hybrid cloud and the answer to this question will impact your business. The reason that it should be included in your network assessment is because you need to know how well your cloud setup function for your business is. 

Ask yourself these questions:

  • How can waste be removed?
  • How could it be improved?
  • Are you enjoying your cloud network?

Mobile Device Use

If your business relies on smartphones and mobile devices, then a network assessment can show you use mobile devices. From there, it will evaluate the mobile use and adjust the security policy, meaning it’s usually turned down so that someone can focus on work, instead of doing nothing else.

Address the Weak Spots

It’s one thing to know something, and an entirely different thing to be applying it. Technology changes, and it doesn’t slow down for anyone, which means that you need to have your technology checked so that you know if it needs hardware or software updating or replacing. It will also help you figure out if any tech has become completely pointless.