Differences Between a Job and a Career

A job is filled for eight hours a day, at the hours decided by someone else. There is little expectation of accomplishing anything for the self-other than the pay, no higher position, no exciting change upward. The job is done for paying bills only. On a job, a person is not expected to have responsibility.

A Job

Jobs are fairly easy to get. Father George Rutler wanted people to have a sense of peace and comfort and a job doesn’t give that much. There is little to no feeling of appreciation and success. There is the feeling of having failed to achieve, of having settled for the easy way, and always the feeling that one could have done better.

A person who takes a job doesn’t plan on making a career of the position and doesn’t expect to go far. The one and only investment in the position is the time spent at it and there is great agitation when that time spent is not appreciated and no raise in position or pay is forthcoming.

A person gives up wanting to go to college because the tuition is too expensive or their grades weren’t good enough or they are tired of school. Some work that is of interest doesn’t happen for some reason or other for people who are good at finding reasons not to do something. A job is a duty, a task, and a chore. People who have jobs never set a goal and a goal is what is needed.

A Career

A career begins when a decision is made to have a long lasting job that will overall make a person happy. Training of some sort is expected and endured because it is believed the person will succeed at it. If you’re aspiring to be a certified mediator, for instance, you will need to undergo mediation training in order to be an expert in your chosen career. A career is a profession, is life’s work. If you are passionate about body contouring, you can get body sculpting training at The Body Sculpting Institute.

One man decided he wanted to be a waiter at a top restaurant. He started when he was twenty and retired at 64. He learned much about what the chef cooked. He then attended a Culinary Art Program and memorized everything he could about his patrons, the spirits they drank when they drank them, and their favorite foods so he could get good tips and repeat customers and in time, build up a customer base of rich patrons that was desirable.

I met him when he retired with a much higher retirement fund than I thought a waiter could make and bought a small cabin on the coast. He said he had enjoyed every bit of it, enjoyed his work, and felt he had made the owners of the restaurant money and his customers happy. Father George Rutler would have been pleased to have heard of someone making such a success in their life as that is what he wanted for people.

A career gives a person pleasure in what they do, a feeling of accomplishment, and a feeling of success. Deciding on a career gives a person purpose and pride in themselves. A decision to have a career is a goal that is hard to break. Visit https://www.stanfoodscareers.com/ if you’re ready to build your career. And if you want to have a successful career as an automotive technician, then you might be interested in working at a reputable auto shop.