8 Best Appreciation Gifts That You Should Give to Your Parents

Our parents are the most wonderful people in this world. Aside from giving us life, they work hard to provide us with the things that we need as we grow up. So, it’s only ideal on our part that we give back to them to show our appreciation for their love and care to us. 

Even though it’s not Mother’s Day or Father’s Day or Christmas, any day is the best day to spend some money on gifts that can give a big smile on our parents’ faces. So, without further ado, here’s a list of appreciation gifts that you should give to your parents. 

Throwback Photos

A gift that has sentimental value is always sweeter. In this case, you can remind your parents of the old days with a family photo

You can give them photos of you when you’re young or together with the whole family. Of course, it’s advisable to place them in a special frame. You can go for a wooden frame, a silver frame, or a vintage frame to enclose those throwback photos. 

Aside from photo frames, it’s also an excellent idea to give them a photo throw pillow that will serve as a reminder of your shared memories. 


If traveling is an activity that you think your parents will enjoy, then you should treat them for a relaxing vacation. An out-of-town trip or a vacation abroad is a perfect getaway from the stresses of their everyday life. 

In the United States alone, you can select from a list of incredibly beautiful places, such as the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and the Florida Keys for vacation. You can also give your parents tickets to visit the magnificent Southeast Asian countries like Malaysia and the Philippines. 

Keep in mind to make reservations in an excellent bed and breakfast hotel and prepare all other necessities that your parents need for their trip. 

Sports or Concert Tickets

Aside from vacation tickets, you can’t go wrong by giving your parents a pair of tickets to see their favorite sports team or band that they’ve been wanting to see. Witnessing their favorite team play or going to a We belong tribute to Benatar concert is an experience that your parents will truly enjoy.  Let’s say your parents love country music, then all you have to do is find tickets for country music concerts.

Take Them Out for Dinner

Who cares if it’s old school? Taking your parents to a lavish dinner is still the coolest and sweetest gift that you can give them. And, of course, it’s an excellent way to spend time with them, especially if you’re becoming too busy with your own life. 

You can take your parents to their favorite upscale restaurant or a new local steakhouse near your area.  You can even plan a surprise banquet just for the sake of it. 

Fitness Activity Tracker

If your parents are still physically active at their age, a fitness activity tracker is an ideal gift for them. Nowadays, you can find high-tech fitness trackers like the Fitbit Charge 3 that can be worn on the wrist. This device tracks your heart rate, steps, sleep, and other physical activities. 

Buy Gifts or Decorative Items

Pamper your parents with gift items that matter the most to them. You can purchase a variety of decorative items like Large elite shungite stones. Diamonds are the best gifts that you can give to your mom. Try buying a diamond ring or diamond earrings that your mom have always dreamt of. These gifts will not only make your mom look pretty but also remind her that she is well appreciated.

Vintage Tea Set

When buying gifts to our parents, we always think of giving a whole gift for both of them or a separate gift for mom and dad. 

Well, if you’re planning for a separate gift for your mother, don’t think twice about giving her a lovely vintage tea set. You can choose an elegant bone china tea sets because they’re the most preferred keepsakes that many mothers love. 

Of course, when giving the gift to your mom, you should make sure that the vintage tea set comes with a stylish gift box to make it extra-special. 

Luxury Watch

A luxury watch is something that can melt the hearts of many fathers. It’s not only a cherished memento but also a valuable investment. If you give one to your dad, I’m sure it will draw a big smile on his face. 

Of course, there’s a lot of top luxury watch brands that you can choose as a gift for your father. But there’s nothing that can compete with the iconic timepieces from Rolex and Omega watchmakers. To make your father happy, consider buying the Rolex Submariner line or Omega Speedmaster collection as a present. This kind of luxury watch comes with a warranty service for any watch repair or replacement.

Another style of watch that you may try to give your father is the Apple watch bands. These are perfect for the gym goer, nature-lover, and professional.


Now, you have the list of ideal gifts that you should give to your beloved mom and dad. Always keep in mind that your parents are the reason you’re brought up to this world, and so it’s only great to give back to them. The gift ideas mentioned above are perfect keepsakes to show your appreciation for their love and care to you as their child.