8 Building Maintenance Tips and Tricks to Extend its Life and Value

Building maintenance are the activities you undertake to make an environment safe for living and working. There are several tasks that the maintenance team does, and most include the inspection, prevention, repair, and maintenance of a buildings’ systems.

Building maintenance involves taking care of both the interiors and exteriors of residential or commercial properties, for this reason is that we recommend london tradesmen for all kind of repairs including plumbing. The interior maintenance includes such tasks as cleaning common areas, proper trash disposal, fixing electrical systems, and repairing building utilities. The external maintenance process involves landscape maintenance or even regular lawn care.

Building maintenance is essential and prevents the risks of having an inhabitable property. An inhabitable building is not only a risk to the surrounding people, but has a very low resell value. 

Here, we talk about useful building maintenance tips and tricks to extend property life and value.

Secure Your Fixtures

Check out the fixtures in your home. Are they working correctly? How are the doorknobs, the ceiling fans, and lighting? Are they securely fixed to the wall or ceiling?

Home fixtures are a great curb appeal for new buyers. They also give you a safe home to live in. Take, for example, the regular cleaning and screwing of ceiling fans, it increases energy efficiency, saves on heating bills, and gives you a safe home. 

Look at Your Building Insulation

Building insulation plays a vital role in controlling the transmission of thermal energy in walls, floors, and ceilings. Proper insulation ensures that the energy you use to heat and cool the building is not lost outdoors. Sufficient insulation saves energy and gives the right amount of warmth during winter and cooler spaces in the summer. 

Don’t Let Pests Take Over

Early detection of pests is the best way to ensure they do not invade your building and cause irreparable damage. Critters can fit in the tiniest of cracks and find a way into your wooden or electrical appliance. Their presence in your building is damaging, and with time, you will notice changes in places they stay. 

To avoid the effects of pest invasions, carry out regular inspections around your building. You can hire a professional to help with the task. Best is to have a routine pest control program that keeps your environment safe and maintains your property’s value.

Check Plumbing of Your Building

Take a look around your plumbing and see if there are leaks or drips that shouldn’t be there. Check the valves, drainage pipes, and supply lines to ensure all connections are in place. If there is an issue, fix it immediately to avoid damage to walls and floors. Paramus NJ’s best Heaing, Air Conditioning, and Plumbing specialist can be found right here with 24 hour emergency service.

If you do not address a fault in the plumbing early enough, it could cause irreparable damage and cost you a lot to repair. Carry out regular checks for rust and keep track of your water bill. A sudden increase in water bills could be a sign of a leak in your pipes.

Conduct a Monthly Safety Audit

A monthly safety audit is an inspection of every part of the building to identifying potential threats. The reason for checks is to prevent conditions that could damage the building or cause accidents and injuries. 

If well conducted, monthly audits can show where you are spending more on building maintenance and help you identify the reasons. Through monthly audits, a property owner can collect enough data to increase the resell value and extend the building’s life.

Eliminate All Fire Hazards

Electricity, fireplaces, and flammable substances are potential fire hazards around your home. Every fireplace around your building needs regular cleaning to ensure that every fire that’s lit burns safely. 

To keep your property safe, know the location of potential fire hazards. Keep chemicals far from reach and eliminate all fire hazards that are out of place. For better safety, have an emergency back-up plan just in case there is an accident. Improve your building’s overall safety by installing automatic fire detectors that give you mobile phone alerts when there is a fire breakout. 

Check and Fix Ceilings and Walls

It is common to find cracks on walls and ceilings, especially in old buildings. Some cracks, like those around windows and doors, are always easy to fix, and you need plaster and paint to repair the damage. 

For other larger cracks, consider consulting a professional. Professionals will help identify the cause of the cracks and amicably resolve the issue to avoid a recurrence. For cracks like the drywall cracks, there is always nothing to worry about, and wall repositioning experts will advise on easy ways to fix the walls. 

Cracks that show signs of moisture, extensive cracks, or those that run across the wall and ceilings will need foundation repair, so if you ever find any cracks that need to be fixed then contact Residential Foundation Repair Services. This is because such cracks are a sign of structural shifts that you need to fix immediately. A failure to which a wall, ceiling, or building could collapse.

Check Your Boiler System

Even the most reliable boiler system needs inspection twice every year. Regular maintenance of a boiler is essential for maintaining a stable heating and cooling system. A well-maintained boiler is a clear sign of a safe building and can increase your property value by close to half of its cost. 

By carrying out the routine inspection of the boiler system, you can identify issues that need repair. This way, you save on renovation costs that you could incur in case full-blown emergencies were to happen. Also, regular cleaning of filters helps maintain the right air quality in the building and ensures the equipment runs efficiently.


The secret to successful building maintenance is learning the tips and tricks to extend the life and value of the property. Strategic planning and evaluation of routines are vital in maintaining a safe and healthy environment. 

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