8 Factors to Consider Before Choosing Defense Lawyers

Are you looking for a criminal defense attorney to represent you in your case? There are more than 1.33 million licensed lawyers in the United States. The sheer number of options can make it seem hard to find the best one for you. But of course, always make sure to do your own research, there are a lot of websites out there to find an effective legal lawyer like Bob Bratt to represent and to defend you in your case.

By knowing what to look for in an attorney, you will be able to narrow down your search and find the lawyer you need faster. Read on to learn the 8 facts to consider before choosing a criminal lawyer. And don’t forget that you’ll get the help you need when you visit lawboss.com.

1. Experience Counts

Although there are more than a million licensed attorneys nationwide, the legal profession encompasses many different areas of the law. It’s important that you find an attorney whose primary practice area is in criminal law and handling these types of cases.

For example, you should avoid seeking to hire a real estate attorney to handle your criminal law matter. That’s not to say every lawyer handling real estate transactions can’t represent you in a criminal case. An attorney can represent someone in a case if that practitioner can become competent in that area through study or by the assistance of a more seasoned lawyer.

You should focus your search on finding an attorney that’s been handling cases like yours for at least a few years. This will help give you peace of mind that you are choosing someone that isn’t learning the ropes with your case.

2. Strong Education

Talk to your lawyer about the educational background and training. This is an important part of the vetting process when you are looking to hire an attorney, or you can opt for the Law Offices Of Farjam Majd that have a great professional team.

Where did they attend law school and how did they do? Are they licensed to practice law in your state and others? What courses did they take in law school that has helped prepare them to handle criminal law cases?

The answers to those questions will give you an inside look into the training a lawyer has received long before you walked into their office.

3. Great Reputation

Your criminal defense lawyer should have a great reputation in the community both in and out of the legal profession. In the legal world, it’s important that an attorney has established a good rapport with judges, courtroom staff, and other practitioners.

Is your attorney part of any professional associations or other service-oriented groups? What do they do with their free time when they aren’t at the office? Have they ever had professional discipline by the state’s bar?

Finding a well-rounded attorney in and out of the office is crucial because someone’s reputation in the legal profession is what separates a good lawyer from a great one.

Spend some time gathering references and reviews to find the best attorney. YTou can start by researching an attorney online to learn more about them. Also, consider speaking to trusted family and friends about their experience working with a particular attorney.

4. Ready for Trial

More than 90 percent of defendants in criminal cases resolve their case short of going to trial but for the other 10 percent must be ready to try their case. Although a lawyer may hold themselves out as a “trial attorney” you should speak with your prospective lawyer about their trial experience.

Have they ever handled similar charges to yours and taken those cases to trial? What was the result? Keep in mind that the answers to these questions shouldn’t be dispositive of your search. All cases are different and the result in one case doesn’t mean much when it comes to a different one with different facts, witnesses, or charges.

5. Clear Billing Procedures

Hiring an attorney can be an extremely expensive thing to do as you seek to stay out of jail and resolve the criminal charges against you. Depending on the area of law that an attorney practices in, they may have a specific way of billing you for their services.

For example, a lawyer representing a car accident victim in a lawsuit against a negligent driver often charges their client under a contingency agreement. In these arrangements, they will charge you a percentage of what you recover in a settlement or after a trial.

In criminal cases, an attorney cannot charge you on a contingency fee basis. Instead, they will charge you either a flat-fee or an hourly rate for their time. Under a flat-fee agreement, you will be charged one price for representation in your case. Hourly billing means you will be billed an hourly rate for the time an attorney spends on your file.

Be sure that you have a clear understanding of how you much you will be billed and the method for those charges. This will help you from being unpleasantly surprised when you receive your first bill from your attorney.

6. Clear Communicator

The attorney-client relationship is one that’s built around trust and communication between the lawyer and the client. The importance of those aspects of the relationship means you can’t afford to hire an attorney that doesn’t communicate clearly with you or whom you don’t feel comfortable with.

You will need to feel at ease speaking to them openly and honestly about your case. This will help them to represent you in a more effective way. Before you hire an attorney, ask them about how they communicate with clients.

7. Specialization or Certifications

The attorney you hire may have specializations or certifications in criminal law that make them stand out from the competition.

For example, the state where your lawyer practices may have a Board Certification program in place. Is your prospective lawyer Board Certified in Criminal Law? It’s a nice quality to have for the attorney you pick but keep in mind that just because a lawyer is not Board Certified doesn’t mean they aren’t a great attorney!

Even an expert criminal defense attorney is not necessarily Board Certified in their field.

8. Office Staff

It’s nice to speak to an attorney on the phone but you will learn a lot about their practice if you visit their firm. An office visit gives you the opportunity to meet other staff members and see the kind of office they operate.

How did the staff members treat you during your visit? Was it a warm and welcoming atmosphere? Did the office look clean and organized?

If you have a bad feeling during your office visit, you should look elsewhere for your criminal defense attorney.

Wrapping Up: Choosing Defense Lawyers

Choosing criminal lawyers Las Vegas can be the most important decision of your life. Depending on the charges you face, you could be looking at jail or prison time, which can change the course of your life forever.

Before making such a big decision, research your options, and use these factors to help guide you during your search. Are you interested in learning about other important tips and tricks to put to use in your life?

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