8 Most Common Makeup Mistakes to Avoid

Makeup may boost our self-esteem by emphasizing our best facial features and giving our skin a healthy glow. However, have you ever noticed that it can make you appear older at times? On occasion, none of us are immune to making mistakes with our cosmetics. Here are a few frequent makeup blunders and how to correct them.

1. Applying Concealer before Foundation

Using concealer before foundation leaves you wiping some of it off or using far more product than is necessary, resulting in a thick, cakey appearance. If you’re going to use foundation, do it after you’ve applied your primer and before you apply concealer. You wind up spreading your concealer around if you apply it before your foundation. I would recommend applying Tarte concealer after foundation if you want to highlight and disguise your acne and dark areas.

2. Incorrect Foundation Shade

Your foundation should be a shade or two lighter than your natural skin tone. This is because if you use bronzer or contour, the foundation will blend everything together and give your face the perfect look. If you accidentally bought a darker shade of foundation, simply blend it in with your concealer or mix it with a moisturizer. You can lighten your foundation with a little moisturizer and set it with finishing powder.

3. Applying too much Concealer

When you use too much concealer, it can cause creasing. As oil builds up, and you make your usual facial expressions, the dreaded lines might worsen throughout the day. However, there is always a quick fix. If you’re a touch over-generous with the product, wipe it away with a tissue. You can also use a makeup sponge to wipe off the excess concealer, make sure it’s moist and clean before dabbing it over the concealer that has been blended. 

4. Not Using Quality Brushes

We understand how tempting it is to save money on cosmetic brushes, given how expensive makeup can be. I mean, what difference could it possibly make? Regrettably, it can make a significant difference! If you grab any old brush off the shelf, it’s possible you’ll end up with one that streaks and sheds. Make sure you select a reputable brand. Fortunately, this does not have to be prohibitively expensive. 

Get a high-quality Makeup Brush set from somakeupbrushes which is a reputable manufacturer of makeup brushes. They can give you FREE samples of their beauty brushes if you are worried about the quality.

5. Storing Your Powder in the Bathroom

Humidity may wreak havoc on your powder products by making them saturated and cakey. Store these products in an area that is dry. Storing your makeup products the right way makes them last longer. Makeup storage is something that many of us overlook, and as a result, you end up spending more money to replace cosmetics that could have been kept fresh by correctly storing them. Your beauty collection is something that takes time to develop, and if you have a large collection of different makeup, you’ll want to keep them fresh.

6. Over plucking Your Eyebrows

A nice set of brows may help frame your face and draw attention to your eyes, but if they’re too thin or just plain over-the-top, they can distract rather than compliment. Over-plucking your eyebrows until they’re just a thin line of hairs inhibits them from properly outlining your face and makes it more difficult to get a natural-looking finish with brow definers like pencils or powder. Consider what would best compliment your face shape when shaping your eyebrows for a natural rather than dramatic look. You might also want to consider eyebrow microblading instead of plucking your eyebrows.

7. Overusing Mascara on the Lower Lashes

Because the eyes are the most prominent feature of the face, it is only natural that you pay close attention to them. For this reason, the majority of women swear by mascara. This makeup must-have is crucial for enhancing the beauty of your eyes. Daily use of mascara, on the other hand, can be harmful to your delicate eyelashes, especially if it is not accompanied by sufficient maintenance. It has been clinically proven that the cosmetic product not only dries out eyelashes but also thins them out.

To grow healthier and thicker lashes, get mink lashes private label. False eyelashes, rather than mascara, which can make your lashes brittle and fragile, work as a substitute to lessen the influence on your natural lashes. You might also want to consider getting some eyelash extensions instead of using mascara. Having eyelash extensions is better than using mascara because these are individually adhered to your natural lash bed for the most beautiful lashes.

8. Applying Lipstick Just After Applying Lip Balm

Applying lip balm before lipstick, contrary to common opinion, is not a good idea—you’ll only wind up combining the lipstick and balm into one gooey compound. In other words, instead of depositing color on your lips, you’d be dragging your balm around your mouth. Make lip balm the first and lipstick the last step of your beauty routine as an alternative. With Covid-19 unfortunately still with, make sure that you wash your hands properly using soap and water or alternatively use hand Sanitizers before touching your lips. Adopting a hemp sanitizer is effective in combatting the dry skin related to hand sanitizers.


The thing about makeup is that a pro can make even the most difficult looks appear almost straightforward to achieve, but once the brush is in your fingers, the real truth emerges. To put it another way, refining your makeup abilities takes time, effort, and a lot of practice. It’s critical to ensure that your makeup routines are healthy, age-appropriate, and leave you feeling lovely if you want to achieve a polished, glowing appearance.