9 Hacks for Storing Your RV in the Hot Summer Months

If you’re an avid RV-er, you know the joy of hitting the open road and exploring new places. But when summer temperatures start to rise, it can be a challenge to store your RV in a way that keeps it safe from extreme heat. Fortunately, there are some easy hacks that can help protect your RV during the hot summer months.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss 9 tips for keeping your RV cool while in storage so you don’t have to worry about damage due to heat exposure. With these helpful strategies at your disposal, you’ll be able to keep your recreational vehicle safe and sound no matter how high the thermometer climbs!

1. Choose the right location for storage

When storing your RV in the summer months, it’s important to select a spot that is well-ventilated and shaded from direct sunlight. If possible, look for spots such as metal garages or carports that will help keep your vehicle cooler. A storage unit with air-conditioning would be the most ideal. If you use your own garage, you might need to have a garage door repair contractor inspect and/or repair your garage door to ensure that your vehicle is kept in a secure space.

2. Invest in a protective cover

If you don’t have access to a shaded area, you can invest in a protective cover for your RV. This will help deflect some of the sun’s rays and keep the interior temperatures down, while also protecting from dust and debris.

3. Install awnings or window shades

Another way to keep your RV cooler in the summer is to install retractable awnings or motorized shades. This will help block some of the heat from entering through windows and can make a big difference when it comes to keeping temperatures down inside the vehicle.

4. Clean all exterior surfaces

All exterior surfaces of your RV must be clean and free from dirt, dust, and debris before storage. This will help reduce the amount of heat that is absorbed by the RV and can help keep temperatures cooler.

5. Open all windows for ventilation

Before storing your RV, make sure to open all windows to allow air to circulate freely throughout the interior. This will ensure that hot air doesn’t become trapped inside the vehicle which can cause it to overheat. 

6. Use a fan to draw out hot air

If you have access to an electric source, you can use a small fan to help draw out the hot air in your RV. This will provide some additional ventilation and can help keep temperatures cool during storage.

7. Check all seals and caulking

Make sure that all of the seals and caulking around windows, doors, and vents are in good condition. If there are any cracks or gaps, it will be easier for heat to enter the RV during storage,  so it’s important to address these issues before storing your vehicle.

8. Install an air conditioner or dehumidifier

If you have access to an electric source, you can install an air conditioner or dehumidifier to keep the interior temperatures down. This is especially beneficial if you’re planning on leaving your RV in storage for a prolonged period of time.

9. Make sure your RV is level

Finally, no matter where you store your RV, it’s important to make sure it is properly leveled before leaving it for extended periods. This will help reduce wear and tear on the shocks, suspension, and other components that can experience uneven stress when stored on an unlevel surface.

Happy Traveling!

By following these 9 tips, you can ensure that your RV stays cool and safe during the hot summer months. With proper care and maintenance, you’ll be able to enjoy many more years of worry-free RVing!