9 Top Coffee Growing Regions in the World

Did you know Americans drink around two cups of coffee every day? 

Have you always wondered what the top coffee growing regions are? Not to worry! In this guide, we’ll go over the best coffee in the world. For coffee lovers, you can Buy Coffee Beans Online Australia, just pick your blend of choice, and they’ll ship it the same day.

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1. Cuba

In Cuba, try out a cafe con leche. It is a famous drink and is well made in the capital, Havana.

In Havana, the waiters will bring you out a coffee at the perfect temperature. They also will give you a separate cup of steamed milk. You won’t burn your tongue on this drink. 

Another coffee drink to try is a cafecito or cafe cubano. This beverage’s sweetened with demerara sugar during the brewing process. 

Coffee was first filtered using a fabric funnel. People would boil water and sugar in a pan. Next, they would add the coffee powder into the filter.

The black liquid would leak through. Most Cubans would filter coffee dregs called zambumbia. People would drink these dregs with bread or crackers.

After 1933 when the Italian coffee pot showed up, coffee changed around the world. Cubans picked up this invention, and it has been a staple in every kitchen.

2. Brazil 

Brazil is one of the top producers of coffee in the world because of the size of the country. If you want to try delicious coffee, head down to Sao Paulo. You can try flavors with hints of bittersweet chocolate. 

Coffee beans are grown at a lower elevation, between 2,000 and 4,000 feet. Colombia, East Africa, and Central America’s coffee beans grow at a higher elevation of 5,000 feet.

With a lower altitude, the coffees aren’t as acidic. You can enjoy a sweet and nuanced flavor of the coffee. 

3. Colombia

Did you know Colombia supplies around 15 % of the world’s coffee? The country produces Arabica, a high-quality coffee known across the globe. 

Colombia produces Extra, Excelso, and Supremo, which you can get packed in a 2 lb bag whole bean colombian coffee. Supremo’s processed with updated technology and is the top coffee.

You can get it in a smooth or large grain. It has a rich flavor and aroma. It’s not easy to find genuine Supremo grade Colombian coffee. 

Excelso coffee is a mix of Extra and Supremo. The flavor is a bit acidic. Extra grade Colombian coffee is a little inferior to Supremo, but it’s still delicious. The coffee bean is a little smaller, but the taste is strong.

Learn more about Colombian coffee

4. Guatemala

Guatemala coffee beans grow in mountainous areas. There, they develop a tart and intense flavor. Guatemalan coffee is one of the top coffee varieties in the world. 

The most popular coffee’s called Antigua Volcanic. It has a strong taste with hints of smoke. You might also notice a brighter flavor alongside acidic tones. The trees are in constant contact with wind from the ocean. 

5. Costa Rica

Costa Rican beans are well-rounded. The trees grow slower in the highlands instead of a super humid jungle. With slower growth, the flavors are more enhanced and richer within the bean. 

Did you know only Arabica coffee beans are grown here? It’s the law to grow these beans. They aren’t allowed to grow Robusta, the world’s second most common coffee.

This way, they can maintain high standards of the coffee bean in Costa Rica. 

6. The Arabian Peninsula

Arabian mocha has been grown for centuries in the southwest Arabian Peninsula. Grown in the mountains of Yemen, it is one of the most famous types of coffee in the world. 

You might notice a wine and chocolate flavor in this coffee. The beans are smaller and broken up. Export varieties you can try are Sanini, Sharki, and Matari. 

7. Ethiopia

You’ll find Harrar coffee in Ethiopia. The coffee beans grow in the highlands on small farms. This coffee has a hint of wine and a spicy or fruity flavor depending on where it’s grown.

In a quality Harrar coffee, you will get the scent of blackberries or blueberries. This type of coffee’s used in espresso blends. 

You can also try washed coffees, including Yirgacheffe and Ghimbi. Ghimbi coffee beans are more balanced compared to Harrars. Yirgacheffe is the favorite in southern Ethiopia. It has a fruity and mild flavor. If you want to try their coffee or other any African products, you may look for them in an african store in your area.

8. Jamaica

Coffee from Jamaica’s considered high-quality. Even with a classic flavor, it’s an expensive type of coffee. You can smell a hint of rum, and the taste is smooth. Blue Mountain Coffee’s known as the best coffee beans in the world.

9. India

For centuries, coffee has been in India. India has an intense rainy and hot season. The conditions are unique for growing coffee. The most famous type of coffee’s called Monsooned Malabar. They also grow Robusta and Arabica beans.

Monsooned coffee is an in-depth process. Harvested Arabica beans get stored in an open-air building.

They leave the beans for up to four months there during the rainy season. The wind and water will circulate the beans. They swell up during this time. The flavor is both musty and pungent. Most of the time, it’s used in espresso blends. “I’ve seen cafes where a stand-alone espresso is $1.90 and an extra shot is only 50 cents!”, says MacRae, Huffpost.

Try ordering a couple of these different types of coffee to drink at home. 

Now You Know the Top Coffee Growing Regions

We hope this guide on coffee was interesting. When planning your next trip, consider these coffee growing regions as a destination. 

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