Arrive In Style. Choosing The Best Vehicle To Make A Memorable Entrance At Your Wedding

Couples continue to up the ante when impressing their guests with wedding details. This is why the average wedding now costs around $35,329

Creative wedding entrance ideas are one way to wow guests. These ideas also work to create a memorable photo opportunity on your special day. 

A classy or cool vehicle is a great way to make your grand entrance (or exit) at a wedding. The perfect vehicle with custom car wraps will even match your wedding theme and design details.  

Here are the best vehicles for arriving in style at your wedding.  

Stay Classy in a Vintage Ride

Showing up in a classic car is one of the best tips for how to make an entrance that wows guests. This sets a unique vintage vibe that can work well with many wedding themes.  This is an especially nice wedding detail if the groom has a passion for classic cars. Choose a car that is properly cleaned, polished and waxed.

To add a special touch, decorate the back of the car with signage. Adding florals, greenery, or stringing up old cans are other ideas. 

Rolls-Royce is one of the most popular car models to show up at weddings. The Silver Wraith or Silver Cloud offers a fine luxury option.

The Cadillac DeVille, Bentley MK VI, Alfa Romeo, and Maserati are other top choices. Showing up in an Austin Princess or the Austin Mini is a unique idea as well. 

Go with the Mercedes-Benz 300SL for a chic convertible style. Yet, always be careful when choosing a convertible for your wedding transportation. You’ll need to drive extra slow to avoid messing up the bride’s hairdo.  Still not sure where to celebrate your wedding? With Ireland Destination Wedding you can get more informed about the location what works more for you.

The Beauford Classic is another great choice. It was made in the 1980s, so it’s not as vintage as the other models. Yet, the car design mimics a vintage-style ride well. 

The Volkswagen Karmann Ghia offers a sporty model with a European flair. Choose the 1970’s Volkswagen Beetle for a fun and cheery vibe. The Volkswagen Campervan offers a bohemian and free-spirited wedding detail.  

Rent a Luxury Limo 

Limos are always a classic approach for classy wedding entrance ideas. With so many types of limousine models, it’s easy to complement your wedding style as well. 

Different limo sizes, styles, and colors can help enhance your special day. Most couples go with the classic stretch limo. Yet, you can also pick from SUV, Hummer, or sprinter style limos to switch things up according to the experts at Limo Find

Feel the Need for Speed

Arriving in a fast sports car, which may or may not have custom car wraps, is another option for your wedding day. This works well for a sleek and modern themed wedding. It also pleases a groom who has always wanted to drive a super-fast car. 

A few options include the Lamborghini Gallardo is a flashy red or modern black color. The Portofino, 488 GTB, and Roma Ferrari models are also popular. The 812 Superfast Ferrari even reaches speeds of 211 MPH.  

Get Pulled by a Horse and Carriage

A carriage pulled by a team of horses offers a timeless and romantic wedding detail. This transportation style is perfect for a fairy tale wedding theme. It works well for those getting married in a castle or old estate..  

Stroll in on a Bike or Moped

Matching vintage bicycles are other creative entrance ideas for wedding transportation. Filling the bike baskets with flowers is a nice decor detail as well.

You can even place your four-legged family member in the bike basket if it’s small enough to fit. This is a simple and fun way to include your pet in your wedding.   

A pedicab is another idea and is great for city wedding locations. Most pedicab rental companies will also allow custom decorations. You can create graphic wraps or add florals and greenery. 

Mopeds are another fun way to make a unique entrance. The groom could also show up on a motorbike with an attached sidecar for the bride.  

Golf carts are a popular choice when getting married on a golf course. Snowmobiles offer a creative idea for a winter wedding. 

Rent an Old-School Bus or Trolley

Looking for a wedding party entrance that creates a cool retro vibe? Arriving by bus or trolley is the perfect way to do this. 

Trolley transportation is great for downtown settings and beach towns, like Key West. Renting a vehicle like this is also ideal for transporting wedding guests to and from the venue. 

The average wedding has about 136 guests in attendance. So, looking for a trolley, or a large bus for sale or bus charter for rent is great for offering transportation services to this size group.  It’s also a fun way to bring guests to the after-party once the reception is over.  

Roll in on an Old Truck

A vintage-style pickup fits the theme of a homespun backyard or barn wedding. You can use the bed of the truck to hold bales of hay or another decor option.

A “Just Married” sign also looks great on the back of an old pickup. Another idea is to decorate the truck with tassels. You can string a simple strand of greenery from the tailgate as well.  

Get Air-Lifted in

Arriving by helicopter will likely create the most unforgettable wedding entrance. Yet, note that this idea only works for spacious wedding venues. You’ll likely be limited to wineries, farms, or large estates.

Some rooftop hotels may also be able to accommodate a helicopter arrival. Always check with the venue about landing options before booking any helicopter transportation.  

Arrive by Boat

Arriving by boat is ideal for a waterfront wedding location, like a lake or beach venue. You can even set sail off into the sunset for an extra special photo opportunity. 

Showing up in a canoe or kayak is another unique option for the bride and groom. This idea works perfectly for couples who share a passion for outdoor adventure.    

Unique Wedding Entrance Ideas to Wow Your Guests

Arriving by vehicle offers a creative and memorable wedding detail. These wedding entrance ideas impress guests and create one-of-a-kind photo opportunities. 

When selecting your wedding vehicle, be sure to always choose a safe and reliable vendor. This ensures your wedding will run smoothly without any issues. 

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