Car Accidents: The 5 Most Common Types of Car Accidents

The severity of car accidents may be decreasing with the rise of automated car features, but that doesn’t mean the frequency of wrecks has changed. With more auto-braking systems and lane departure features comes an increase in texting while driving.

It’s no wonder, then, that the 5 most common types of car accidents have remained consistent over the years. The majority of these incidents turn into legal cases, specially when injuries are incurred as a result. An experienced car wreck lawyer will help you understand your case, follow due process, and will above all be your best chance to secure a positive outcome.

As a good driver, you always try to stay in the know about how you can help prevent crashes from happening. That’s why we’re presenting you with this guide to the top kinds of car accidents according  local source.

Wondering whether the fender bender makes our list? Then keep reading for everything you need to know about the 5 most common crashes, why they occur, and how you can prevent them from happening to you.

1. One-Car Crashes

It’s not always two cars that make a crash. Sometimes, all you need is a single tired driver or a malfunctioning automated-breaking system to find yourself in trouble. For example, think of the wrongful death lawsuit that came out of California when a Tesla accelerated out of control in autopilot mode.

Yet one-car crashes aren’t always so dramatic. Sometimes, they might be as seemingly innocuous as backing into your neighbor’s mailbox. Other times, the weather may play a role, causing you to hydroplane and spin out of control in heavy rain.

What’s sad about single-car crashes, though, is that they’re more often than not preventable. To avoid finding yourself in one of these accidents, always practice good driving habits. This means going the speed limit, not texting while driving, and always keeping your eyes on the road even when your foot’s off the gas.

2. Rear-End Accidents

Ah, the fender bender. This sort of car wreck has been around since the car was invented. Considering how much new and old drivers alike love to tailgate, it should be no wonder the rear-ender is still one of the most prevalent accidents today.

The only good thing about a fender-bender is that it tends to cause the least damage of the types of accidents on our list. Yet with the rise of safety features in cars, this is changing fast.

Sensors are generally placed beneath the front and rear fenders. The bad news is these sensors are extremely expensive to replace. That means a simple rear-end can mean a total loss these days.

What’s more, rear-end accidents typically spell poor luck for the rear-ender. Nowadays, the insurance company automatically faults the rear-ender for the wreck, regardless of the way the accident really happened.

3. T-Bone Car Wrecks

T-bone car accidents aren’t nearly as common as fender benders. Yet the terrifying nature of this kind of crash is enough to top this list. That’s because a T-bone accident occurs when multiple cars collide in an intersection. They usually need an intensive collision repair to fix your car.

The T-bone gets its name from the most common of these types of wrecks. One car speeds through a red light, perhaps, only to be “T-boned” by another car coming from the opposite direction.

To prevent devastating t-bone accidents, always check the intersection before you go. Yes, this includes when the light is green. You don’t want to be an unsuspecting victim of a T-bone because you failed to yield to an oncoming vehicle.

4. Merging or Blind Spot-Related Accidents

We mentioned safety features above and another positive addition is the blind spot safety features. These help drivers like you make up for blind spots in their vehicles. Yet, just because this new technology is reducing the number of blind spot-related accidents doesn’t mean they’ve eliminated them altogether.

A merging accident often occurs while a driver is switching lanes. The inability to see in the car’s blind spot leads to sideswipes or worse.

These kinds of wrecks can be prevented by safety features. They can also be avoided if you take the proper measures of precaution. For example:

  • Assure your rearview mirror is in the correct position for your height
  • Adjust your seat to allow you to view all sides of the vehicle
  • Always double check your blind spot before switching lanes
  • Always use your blinker before switching lanes

Oh, and one more thing: staged accidents for insurance purposes are a thing. The “fake wave” accident is one of the most common of these and usually leads to a merging-related wreck.

In these driver scams, a driver will notice you trying to change lanes and wave you through. You’ll switch lanes, only to find the driver accelerating to cause a collision.

5. Wrecks Caused by Natural Disaster

From auto hail damage to hurricane damage, natural disasters are a prime example of why you don’t always have control over damage to your vehicle. These types of car accidents are more common in some locations than others. Similarly, some seasons pose more of a threat to you and your vehicle than others.

While you may not have control over whether your car gets damaged in a natural disaster, you do get a say in what happens next. Always call a lawyer after you or a loved one is injured in a car accident. And yes, that includes car wrecks like these where only Mother Nature is at fault.

More Types of Car Accidents

While we’ve mentioned the top 5 types of car accidents, we haven’t even scratched the surface of the disasters that can befall you while driving. That’s where ePub Zone comes in. Check out ePub Zone’s blog for all the auto-related content you’ve ever wanted, including the types of car accidents we didn’t get to mention on this list.