B2B Loyalty Breakups: How Continuous Effort Can Keep Your Relationships Strong

For a B2B company, attaining and building upon relationships is crucial. Unlike many B2C organisations, customers are not a one-time thing. Repeated sales, forged through loyalty programs and reward schemes, are the crux of a healthy, reliable business which is serious about meeting its full potential.

If you are running a B2B company, then it is likely that you already know this. Any business which has not taken the time to find clients and build loyalty is not going to last long in today’s competitive business landscape. But if you have found those customers and taken the steps to achieve their loyalty, then you might be asking yourself: what next?

Well, for a B2B business it is still important that you keep on top of the game. Loyalty breakups can happen at any moment, and it is your job to do everything within your power to prevent them.

How Do You Prevent Loyalty Breakups?

If you are concerned that you have a few relationships which are in danger of failing, then don’t panic. It may seem like the power rests in the customer’s hands, but there are plenty of things you can do on your side to shape their position and maintain their interest. Firstly, a good customer loyalty platform can keep a customer engaged and rewarded for their investment, and the adoption of new technologies can similarly help you track this investment, allowing your business to keep an ear to the ground and monitor the customer’s sentiments.

In today’s digital age, it is no longer the job of account managers or regular “touching-base” conversations to understand their position. Instead, technology such as digital surveys, social monitoring and keyword tracking can be utilised to gain a far clearer idea. 

Once you have attained this information, you can respond by providing the customer with an outlet.  Events, roundtables and customer council meetings can be a great way to allow your customer to feel listened to and appreciated. Not to mention, you are taking what you have learned and being proactive in alleviating any concerns and keeping the customer on your side.

You Should Tell The Forecast And Prepare For Rain

As a B2B company, it is important not only to react to the here and now, but also to the next few months and years that are in front of you. This will include understanding both the business landscape and predicting the needs of customers you have attained.

Designing your website to track keywords, searched phrases and pages viewed is a good method to keep on top of your customers and track their future interests and purchases. You can then put the steps in place to provide those purchases to them, showing the customer that there is no need to look elsewhere and break-up the loyalty which they have already invested in you.

The business world, as well as your customers’ needs and preferences, is constantly changing and you should be prepared to change along with it. In essence, you are an active weather forecaster, and it is your job to predict the rain and do everything you can to manipulate it into profitable sunshine.